How Will Sony Solve the Old UMD Problem?

PSP World writes:

"With its super-small PSP Go coming to shops soon, Sony has a big-sized problem brewing on the horizon. How will users who already own an older model of PSP transfer their UMD games to the 16GB internal storage of the PSP Go? Surely, Sony can't expect us to buy all of our old games again in digital form, so they must be considering various options to placate those gamers with a big pile of UMDs. Here, we consider a few options of the table for Sony, whose "goodwill" program has been announced but not clarified in any significant way, less than two months before the launch of the PSP Go."

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clinker3771d ago

It might be impractical, but the external UMD drive is by far my preferred solution, for the exact reasons mentioned in the article: total freedom to rip my own games whenever I want.

GWAVE3771d ago

I think Sony should "start over" with the PSP Go and focus only on digital content. I could be totally wrong, but based on the responses from PSP owners on the internet, most PSP gamers who already own a 2000 or 3000 have no interest in upgrading to the Go.

In fact, the Go is pretty much designed to capture a new audience, and the 3000 is still going to be sold in stores, so I don't see why Sony should bend over backwards for those very few people to play their old UMDs on the Go when their 2000 or 3000 will work just fine.

himdeel3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

...the GO isn't meant to be a device warranting an upgrade from the PSP 2000 or 3000 if my understanding of SONY's marketing blurbs are correct.

It is meant to usher in a revamped approach to accessing digital media with respect to how people choose to use the PSP. If I had a PSP I wouldn't upgrade to a GO. However as someone who has wanted a PSP, the GO is definitely a STRONG and viable option for me as a future PSP owner.

I want a GO, but whether or not I choose it over the 2000 or 3000 only time and finances will tell.

xtreampro_REVENGE3771d ago

What do you mean by 'rip'.

The problems already solved just buy a PSPGo or keep your current PSP and then buy a Go or just keep your current one and don't buy a go.

Anyone with brains would know that every PSPGo game will be available in a UMD form so there's no need to complain or upgrade to a PSPGo just keep the one you already have.

clinker3771d ago

What about people who already have an old PSP and a huge collection of UMD games? They might want to upgrade to the new hardware, no?

Ju3771d ago

Buy new titles on PSN only and keep the old PSP to play the UMDs. Done. Well, and give your old PSP a nice 16GB Memstick upgrade (games can be shared).

Trevorthenerd3771d ago

they wont they just want you to buy your entire library again...

Trevorthenerd3770d ago

sony wants to make money right? why wont they?

timestoby3771d ago

if they can release updates onto the psp etc then why wont they release some sort of program that would check ur umd once inserted and somehow connect to something online to verify or something that will read the umd and then get the download in some way.

interesting to see wot they will do. i mean the pirates would prob take advantage again lol

wxer3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

you know
alot of ppl i know
don't use UMD
they got the regular PSP
and they rarely use them (UMD's)

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The story is too old to be commented.