Hey Capcom, What Did You Think Of Bionic Commando?

While some people cling to the belief that you could wring some enjoyment out of Bionic Commando, like blood from a cold, heavy stone, most people ignored it. Didn't buy it. Why was that, Capcom?

As part of a Q&A from the company's recent fiscal earnings conference call, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto gave his two cents.

"Our analysis indicates that the game elements were not well received by customers", he said, "and that our management of overseas subcontractors wasn't thorough enough."

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Dellis3769d ago

3D one was a total joke

the remake on the PSN/XBL is great

gamesR4fun3769d ago

The games jus so lame bad game mechanics long loads terrible checkpoint system. Just an all round bad game fact capcon let it release shows they care more about cashing in on the stupid and the diehards than making a good product. No surprise really tho.

Typical-Guy3769d ago

Bionic Commando is Capcom's worst game this gen.

They should have made Onimusha instead.

Automat3769d ago

GRIN made the game. They also made Terminator and Wanted at the same time... Not a very good idea (from a small swedish firm) to release three rather bad games instead of one great one..

mastiffchild3769d ago

Well, auto, they sertainly paid for it didn't they? It was Grin who wound up their business yesterday, wasn't it? Pretty unsurprising that they did too seeing as just one flop managed to kill FRD!

I don't like to say they deserved iot but all of those games had good ideas and could've been good and it says a lot that they over faced themselves and gave not one a decent shot at working.