Review: Shadow Complex (Blend Games)

The thing that no one expected however, is this: Shadow Complex is the Half-Life 2 to Super Metroid's Doom. Some of you might be hung up on Shadow Complex's $15 price tag. Get over that now because this one is worth much more than the asking price.

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Masamori Sumimura3769d ago

its safe to say that the Latest XBLA games all are full of win.


EvilCackle3769d ago

Well, not "all" of them. Last week's release (Trials HD) was very well-received too, though.

RKRigney3769d ago

Super Metroid...what a game.

cyguration3769d ago

XBLA games are starting to act like real games. Soon there won't be a point in paying $60 for 8 hours of fun.