Shadow Complex - XBLA Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"What exactly is meant by the term "shadow complex"? If this were a college psychiatry lecture, it would probably be a synonym for the fear of the night, noctiphobia. Or it may be the exact opposite and attribute to one's adoration to the love of night life in general. Whatever the case may be, it's fairly certain that after gamers play Chair Entertainment and Epic Games' Shadow Complex, they will run out and profess their love of all things dark to anyone that will listen. That's right; Shadow Complex is the must-have Xbox Live Arcade title of the year that caps-off the brilliant Summer of Arcade promotion sponsored by Microsoft. For those gamers coming in blind to the world of Shadow Complex and know not a single thing about the fantastic side-scroller, here is a short run-down of what the title is all-about."

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Valkyrie833763d ago

Game is freaking amazing to play and easily the best XBLA experience I have ever played, the 5 hours for first playthrough is nothing compared to what you need to do to collect all of the unlockables.....great amount of replayability.

Everyone with a 360 should be picking this up on Wed, it's a bargain at $20....

JokesOnYou3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Its (US) $15....and yes thats a great deal for this game but given its apparent quality and micro's past greed for every penny this price almost makes me look over my shoulder like I stole something. lol


UltimaEnder3763d ago

It's one of those games where you can just tell the developers at Chair Entertainment knew exactly what they were doing and it resulted in one hell of a fun game, well done review and I'm agreeing with you 100%, maybe would have even scored it a bit higher!

It's that good....

LaurenKB1233763d ago

I will be downloading this on Wednesday because every review that has gone live this morning has been very positive, all with high scores over 9.0 - can't wait to play it and see for myself it an XBLA release can really stand up to some retail games (as it says in this review).

Too bad the PS3 doesn't have anything of this quality on it's downloadable network, the only thing is Fat Princess and that game probably comes nowhere close, maybe someday the geniuses at Epic will make a game for the PS3 owners (me included)!

table3763d ago

come on. The ps3 has some awesome PSN titles probably more so than the 360. Had this game not come around you'd be wishing live had some more top titles. Just goes to show that both consoles have something great to offer.

DelbertGrady3763d ago

PSN doesn't have half the titles that XBL has. Not even 1/3 of it.
If you don't believe me feel free to have a look for yourself.


Xbox Live:

table3763d ago

I know but PSN has alot more quality is what i was getting at.

Noob3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Why would they delete those high quality games for?

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