Here's a ridiculously expensive Master Chief ring

Destructoid's own Conrad Zimmerman reports: Ask yourself the following question: Do I love Master Chief? Have an answer yet? Good. Now, if you answered yes, I want you to think really hard about exactly how much you love Master Chief. Is it enough to wear a ring bearing his likeness? Do you need your Halo bling?

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N4GAddict4419d ago

It looks pretty cool actually....

TheBand1t4419d ago

Someone who really, really likes Halo.

Captain Obvious, away!

Elimin84419d ago

They should have made it out of copper.. Then when it does turn green it will truly look like halo..

gamesR4fun4419d ago

lol pretty cool idea tho platinum woulda been way cooler.

mastiffchild4419d ago

Now THAT is some proper tat isn't it? My good God is there nothing people won't stick some Halo on?

Thing is someone will buy it and be proud! Whatever makes you happy I guess but sheesh.

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Sunny_D4419d ago

That looks ugly... ugh

Socomer 19794419d ago

to prove that ive been scarred and never going back.
death to the rrod!


Sunny_D4419d ago

Lol, that's comedy.Yes, Murderdolls before you come here and say You think that's "Fill in the blank"?

4419d ago
2Negative4419d ago

Well it has one thing in common with a wedding ring.

Wearing one means you will never be having sex again.


joydestroy4419d ago

bubble for that comment lol

RockmanII74419d ago

Thats not true. If you wear a wedding ring, you get to do your wife

sulack4418d ago

Im going to have to smack you

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hates video games4419d ago

You just need to get a life I suppose if you actually wear this.

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