Confusion over 360 price changes

At the end of last week it seemed that all the evidence was pointing to an end to the Xbox 360 Pro SKU and a price drop for the high-end Xbox 360 Elite offering – but confusion is rife in the channel this morning with claims that the Xbox 360 Arcade console is going to see an RRP increase.

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Omega43767d ago

"...Xbox 360 Arcade listing is a placeholder for an as-of-yet unspecified SKU. Whether that’s an enhanced Arcade SKU or a reduced RRP Elite – or even both – is yet to be seen."

Interesting, maybe the arcade is getting a harddrive

-MD-3767d ago

That would be pretty cool.

table3767d ago

It would actually be a sound idea to do that. They would make more profit in the long run instead of just giving the console away trying to get as big a user base as possible at their own expense.

Projekt7tuning3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I have a strong feeling that MS's ace up its sleave will be a 360 with a HD at $199. I think they may have better security against industrial espionage than sony. So if you think about it, it would make sense to release info about the $299 elite price drop to keep the attention off the real ace in the hole, the HD equipped arcade for $199. Just a thought I had. If you disagree, please have the curtsy to explain so I can understand your point of view. Maybe it could help me change my thought on the current rumors.

Come on I asked if you disagreed to please explain why so we could have some sort of intellectual debate, but N4G shows through again.

dcbronco3767d ago

I think you're right. With Arcade games coming in at over 100 MBs on a regular basis, it's needed. And $60 would easily cover that cost.

Another thing is, Microsoft may have proved capable of keeping a secret and the additional money is for Natal. I don't see any real reason that it couldn't be ready. The software can be upgraded after release so even if it is 90% ready and needs adjusting, they can make the adjustments later. And the camera has been available for a couple of years, since it is most likely based on the 3DV Systems one that has been at CES since 2007 or 08.

But most likely it's the hard drive.

deadreckoning6663767d ago

Dude, if the Arcade got a hardrive the war would be over.

yippie1234y3767d ago

i definitely know where your coming from, people are so fast to click and move on. I agree though they might have something of that nature in store. Maybe even a slim haha sony would be soo pissed

ceedubya93767d ago

We may be seeing the makings of an "Arcade" 360 with a hdd. With Games on Demand now in effect, the time seems right to include Hdds in all packages. If they can keep it at 199 then that would be great. With all the price drop rumors for PS3 and 360, this seems like a very exciting time for new gamers to this generation.

-MD-3767d ago

What's with the 9 disagrees? Jesus.

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Arsenic133767d ago

Why not just phase out the arcade? Dur. Not the Pro. Then we can have games require the HDD and see some better performance in the future.

Godmars2903767d ago

When they overcharge for them now?

Question: are they still selling, making a 60GB HDD at this point?

dcbronco3767d ago

Microsoft made over a billion in revenue on Live. If they add a hard drive to the arcade and really push the higher end games like Shadow Complex, it would translate to a lot for Microsoft. A $15 game with MS taking 25% that sells a million copies is almost 4 million cash. They don't take much time to make you don't share with a store or license disc. Make 'em fast and cheap and it adds up quick.

timestoby3767d ago

for real. why would anyone buy a non hdd 360? thats just dumb. they better put a hdd in the arcade lol

PS360PCROCKS3767d ago

I did. My first xbox broke 3 times and I figured it was cursed. It now sits in it's box like a little coffin. Anyways I traded my Wii to Gamespot straight up for an Xbox arcade and a game.

MetalGearBear 3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I lost ton of moneys.

Karum3767d ago

This could be something to do with Natal, who knows.

If they are to do away with the Pro, and increase the price of the Arcade then they really need to add something to the Arcade model, something more than a hard drive.

Kushan3767d ago

It's far too soon for Natal, I don't think any games have even been announced to have Natal support. Still, it's quite a price increase, something must be different with the SKU.

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