1UP: StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Preview

1UP writes: "I have to confess something: I kind of saw the whole "StarCraft 2 is now a 2010 title" thing coming.

Back in June, I visited the campus to play some more multiplayer, with the notion that the revamped and the single-player campaign were taking a bit longer than anticipated. Last month, I came back and actually played six missions from the single-player campaign, with still a no-show. Besides the lack of's presence, I also hear lead designer Dustin Browder comment, "There're about 27 missions we're really satisfied with, and three others that we're going to have to revisit", and, "When you see these missions, you can see that they're not things we crank out in a couple of days; each mission went through about two or three months of iterating and polishing." With that much work left on both single- and multi-player, it's not a surprise that StarCraft 2 won't be making 2009. To tide you over a bit, here're five things that stood out as I played a small chunk of the campaign."

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