GDC Europe: Crytek's Yerli On The Future Of Gaming Graphics

In his keynote at GDC Europe, Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli discussed the "future of gaming graphics" from the perspective of the German developer and CryEngine maker, defending the company's high-spec PC games and revealing that Crysis 2 will be more console-specific, technology-wise.

His comments came as part of a wider discussion on Crytek's history and engine, commenting that the company started in 2001 when many titles were gritty, corridor-based titles. So the firm decided to go in a practically opposite direction and make an open world, bright, detailed game - obviously difficult given the technical specs of PC hardware at the time.

Yerli joked that naivety is good because "you don't know [things are] impossible", and this led to a number of positive innovations.

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Nihilism3770d ago

awesome article, i look forward to the "Renaissance of graphics programming"

3770d ago
Pandamobile3770d ago

Crysis got a 91 on Metacritic and Gamerankings. How is that 'average'.

"no big deal Crytek engine is MEH"

So according to you, the most powerful graphics engine ever created is 'meh'? Play the games before you talk sh1t about them, dumbass.

3770d ago