Get The Pirate Bay's Torrent Archive With One Massive 21.3GB Download


"With the Pirate Bay set to close in the next few days, one anonymous user has put together a single massive archive of all 873,671 torrent files hosted on its servers."

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Pandamobile3762d ago

21.3 GB worth of tiny .torrent files. Holy crap.

The Meerkat3762d ago

I hope that 20 spring up in its place.

Nihilism3761d ago

lol bubbles for the most epic and appropriate quote i've ever heard

joydestroy3762d ago

gonna start my dl once i get off work haha

Alcon Caper3762d ago

Better copy the comments down too or else you'll be getting 873,671 Trojans...

wiggles3762d ago

So where is everyone going for their .torrents now? Any suggestions?

steve30x3762d ago

Demonoid or mininova are two good sites.

Tony999Montana3762d ago

Closing Pirate Bay wouldn't even have an impact. Big name torrent sites have been closing for years. As said, mininova and Demonoid are usually reliable, but there's many more.

zen_hydra3762d ago

@ steve30x

You are correct. Demonoid is 1000x better than Pirate Bay.

Now I just need someone to send me a Demonoid invite. Anyone willing to send me one?

RememberThe3573762d ago

are the ones I use most. But I'm kind of new to this whole thing. I also use Vuse to handle all my torrents.

Any recommendations?

singhjeet293762d ago

I've always found Mininova to be a lot better than Pirate Bay, imo Pirate Bay was just another avg site.

SiLeNt KNighT3762d ago

i for one will miss TPB. i have a demonoid account but sometimes cant find things on it. TPB has everything from trojans to legit files. i hope it springs back up. Demonoid went down for a month or two then did some legal things and were back online. i hope TPB does the same

i_i_n3762d ago

scrapetorrent is something i usually the one i use. it compiles a bunch of torrent sites. that or isohunt is what i use, but scrapetorrent is a bit more reliable for me.

Sexius Maximus3762d ago

Demonoid is about the best there is...unless you're looking for porn. I've enjoyed it for a LONG time now, and eveything is typically pretty clean. They occasionally hand out memberships so you don't need a refferal, so just keep an eye on the site...but snag it quick.

Megaton3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Demonoid is great for movies and stuff, but they don't do porn. I'm a member at PornBay too though, so whatever. Still sucks that PirateBay is closing. I'm nervous about using it under new ownership, even if it stays nearly identical to the old one, probably gonna avoid it.

If you can't get into Demonoid, isoHunt is a good free alternative for movies. Dunno how it fares for music, never tried.

Pillville3761d ago

I signed up for astraweb usenet servers. 3 months for $39. small price to pay for the amount of stuff and download speed.

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The story is too old to be commented.