Pokémon "enhanced" remakes don't really have enhancements

Have you seen Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver in action? Now's your chance. While you're watching the video, try to pay close attention to anything that's different about the upcoming "enhanced" remakes.

Good luck-you'll need it.

You see, there's not much difference between the "enhanced" remakes and its recent predecessors, and that's exactly the problem.

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Godmars2903770d ago

People - kids - are going to buy by the ton regardless.

Blaze9293770d ago

That's why I agree with this article. I don't see why there's so much hype around these upcoming remakes. Sure the originals were good as hell; I enjoyed ever minute playing. And its always better to get updated visuals...but still, its just the same picture with new paintbrushes.

randomwiz3770d ago

its a remake of what the fans favorite generation was, in this generation of video games. The game mechanics are going to be the same, the only thing that differs is how nice and more next gen it is.

If you really want different game mechanics, get nintendo to make pokemon on psp.

gintoki7773769d ago

its the same thing but with enhanced graphics some cutscenes mini games and every pokemon can follow you. plus there are probably more regardless Im getting the new remakes of gold and silver just because i enjoyed silver gold and crystal

BigMassacre3770d ago

Pokemon can be easily compared to Dragon Quest. Fans of either series know what to expect with a new installment, and they like it that way. Stray too far from the tried and true formula, and you're gonna have a huge problem on your hands.

starvinbull3770d ago

But a 3D Pokemon is long overdue. Fans or no fans, the Gamecube tech demo sort of confirmed that Nintendo knew it was highly expected.

BigMassacre3770d ago

I myself would like to see the much wanted Pokemon MMO, though I don't know how far Nintendo would go to reach that new level for the series.

Nitrowolf23770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

i like pokemon but i would like to see something new with it. I don't what, i mean even have it so we can be on the bad team in the game or something.
hell even add the ability to get all the badges in each region or something.

not impressed13770d ago

funny thing is they already remade pearl/diamond (platinum)

Nitrowolf23770d ago

well they always do that
blue/red/green =yellow (i think)? leafgreen/firered are remakes of those
silver/gold= crystal
ruby/saphire= emerald
daimond/pearl= platinum

presto7173770d ago

When are they gonna add something new...

YoungJuvi3769d ago

Look ll these games that are doing something different, GOWIII, GT5, Halo ODST and Reach, Takken 6, Cod4, Guitar Hero, Rachet and Clank, Forza3, Metal Gear, Madden and the list goes on.

Nitrowolf23769d ago

idk if your saying that they are doing the pokemon thing but they are not. Pokemon always has the same story with new pokemon, but still the same story. all those games (well except some like GH,Madden, mybe tekken and mybe GT5, and mybe forza 3) all have a completly different story. I mean i won't know right away what to do in GOW3? i know some of the story and it not the same as the other ones

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The story is too old to be commented.