Developers Q&A: Coded Arms Assault + New Screens

With the buzz surrounding Kojima Production's Metal Gear Solid 4, it is sometimes forgotten that Konami is working on a slew of other PlayStation 3 titles as well. One such project is the futuristic sci-fi FPS, Coded Arms Assault -- a game series that was birthed on the PlayStation Portable with bigger ambitions for down the road. To understand exactly what Konami has planned, IGN spoke with Coded Arms Producer Yasuo Daikai in a quick interview over the Independence Day holiday weekend. Read what he had to say after the jump. To view the new screens just scroll down to the image section below.

Scythesean6583d ago

I waited but didn't see any jump...Next time guys remove that little bit of text. Try not to copy word for word if you can.

OutLaw6583d ago

I'm glad to see that's the only thing you could write about this post. Now how about some thoughts on the game.

TheMART6583d ago

I must say this is the first game that has reasonable pictures with it for PS.

This game could be nice for the console. It looks like the genre that Too Human on 360 is in also on some pictures. Although still I think Too Human looks better.

But after Tekken 6 and Warhawk I would say finally there are coming some better pictures

FamoAmo6583d ago

They look good but cartooney! Realism is what I want to see. Too Human looks way better #2 for sure agreed!

COVER GIRL6583d ago

This game looks bad ass fun wise, welcome to the age of shooters with Aliens and mindless FPS lol.

COVER GIRL6583d ago

It's about time PS joins the future of gaming.