Microsoft cracking down on fake XBL accounts

No more region swapping.

Clever gamers who are currently swapping XBL accounts to access international content for their pleasure may want to be careful, as Microsoft has announced that it will be strengthening its Xbox 360 Marketplace territorial restrictions, preventing users from accessing content that is currently unavailable in their country.

Word from Gamerscore is that Microsoft is trying to crack down on region swapping account holders in an attempt to avoid violations of laws and distribution regulations in other countries, explaining that some countries have legal restrictions when it comes to distributing certain content.

This comes as a huge blow to virtually all countries besides America, where most countries have limited movie, television and trailer content – and more importantly for Australian gamers, we still don't have TMNT available on XBLA.

The changes will take place next week.

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FeralPhoenix4187d ago

As soon as I read the title I guessed it had something to do with legal issues (I'm psychic)....nah, but seriously I've heard alot of 360 owners outside of the US complaining about not being able to download all the content we American's are priviledged to have....but really there is so much red tape involved when it comes to distributing content in other countries, you need an "Army of Lawyers" to make sure you don't break any laws just for asking to distribute a damm 30 second commercial. In other words its very hard because its easy to upset the "homegrown" content providers in that market and if you step on anybody's toes, expect a lawsuit. -Sad.

Saint Sony4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

True yes, but the layer stuff is mostly if you are foreign publisher and want to get some stuff into America, now that's HARD. For example, in Europa (at least most of the countries) don't have any stupid censorship in TV. Boobs etc good stuff is allowed without a single blurred pixel, and that is national TV, not cable. :)...but well, censorship is only one part of the business.

Anyhow, I hope all the content gets global at least in some point.

kornbeaner4187d ago

SO you pay $50 bucks and you still can't get the stuff you want from XBL...WEAK!!!!!!!

PSN is free and I downloaded hot shots golf 5 DEMO and the trailer for Pro Baseball spirit from Japan and it's great.

Evil Rant Monkey4187d ago

My only wish in the world would be to see that Pro Baseball trailer. I bet it's an amazing one! With lots of baseball.... and bases... God, if only i owned a PS3.

Saint Sony4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

right.. if you did not know you need 0 cash to download xbox360 demos/trailers/trials etc from the live.

ASSASSYN 36o4187d ago

RRRRUUUNNN they are coming for us we will get digitally deported runnn. I have had my jap account for 10 months and have seen these crackdowns twice now.