Rumor: I Am Alive cancelled for PlayStation 3?

Although the game was originally announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the official Ubisoft website now has the game listed as PC and Xbox 360 only. Could this mean that the PS3 version has been cancelled? Has Microsoft signed for a long-term exclusive contract? Hopefully we'll soon find out next week at GamesCom 2009.


Ubisoft has fixed the problem on their website and the game now appears as for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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TruthSeeker4055d ago

I hope Microsoft did sign along term exclusive contract. I Am Alive looks like an awesome game and Xbox 360 always welcomes new exclusives. We need something new and fresh and stop living on the same franchises. I think you know which ones i mean.

JokesOnYou4055d ago

Sometimes its just a simple error and its gets updated frequently, but who knows.


youngmoney104055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I really hope it's an error cuz I only have a PS3. I was looking forward to this game for various reasons(new IP, survival-based, interesting concept, somewhat rarely-used location, etc.)

Elimin84055d ago

Will only be confirmed to be a RUMOR.. nothing but......

Parapraxis4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

@ AKA Death Angel below,
You happily jumped all over it with a silly comment as though it'd be great if PS3 owners wouldn't get this game.
Stop being a hypocrite.

ultimolu4055d ago

AKA, how about asking Microsoft to actually keep their first party studios instead of dropping them? Then you'll actually *see* refreshing games.

As for's slated as a rumor. I haven't seen much of the game anyway but it sounded interesting the last I heard about it.

Baka-akaB4055d ago

"I Am Alive looks like an awesome game"

Regardless of exclusive deals , I dont see how can anyone claim that based on ... well ... nothing at all but some mysteriously vague trailer .

el zorro4055d ago

Gintoki, why don't you take that crap somewhere else? This hasn't even been confirmed and it certainly hasn't been proven to be due to Microsoft. It could just be a business decision. Maybe they were having problems with the PS3 development of the game and they decided to focus on the 360 and PC. Who knows. I think it is pretty sad that you actually have people agreeing with you.

Atomic4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Nobody wants Ubisoft games anyway , they turn into a borefest rather quickly.
and seriously guys, when did we start anticipating Ubisoft games , their latest games never taught you anything?!
Assasins's creed = repetitive
Far cry 2 =repetitive
prince of Persia = repetitive QTEs

gintoki7774055d ago

I was just bored Its just an article and a game not life

Chewy1024055d ago

Not cool man. I may not like M$ either but take that s*** that way --->

And welcome to my ignore list.

Christopher4055d ago

Extremist side A

Dude, it's totally awesome that Microsoft is making sure to keep this totally freaking going to be sell 8 gabillion copies game! This game would suck on the PS3 anyway and would cost more to make than they'd make.

Extremist side B

This is just an error. If it isn't, f*ck Microsoft for throwing money around again.

Man, you guys pull out the most idiotic comments when any rumor comes along.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34055d ago

IDK, im not anticipating I Am Alive that much, never was a fan of Assassin's Creed, they're both made by the same team.

usern4g4055d ago

> how about asking Microsoft to actually keep their first party studios instead of dropping them?

How about Xbox 360 owners ask MS to fund great games no matter where they are being developed instead.

This diversity leads to better games, and more competition.

Gobbling up Studios, to prevent them from being able to Develop for other platforms is anticomeptitive and stifles innovation.

MS's model -- to write deals to get great exclusives -- CLEARLY brings better results. Better sales. Better reward for gamers and Devs alike.

Stop being such a rigid thinker and open your mind and your eyes. Their is nothing immoral, illegal, illogical or ill-conceieved about MS saying "focus on our platforms and we'll provide funds" when they see a great project bubble up.

Anon19744055d ago

Only for it to wind up being a typo. And not even a link to an actual article. Just a paragraph and a link to Ubisoft. That's hardly an announcement but it is classified as a rumor and this is how rumors get started, I guess.

JD_Shadow4055d ago

But you're saying that you HOPE that MS DID sign an exclusive deal! Not sure how that would help anyone's case seeing as how that's kind of underhanded.

I could see getting exclusive DLC (since MS seems to be into doing more of THAT than anything else, too), but to have something like that happen? That I think shouldn't happen.

krisq4054d ago

Someone @MCV speculated it's completely cancelled. I guess GamesCom is the place we'll find out.

RememberThe3574054d ago

The US site doesn't have any platforms listed. and the only listings AI could see where on the forums and that listed all the previous mentioned platforms.

indysurfn4054d ago

Very interesting. Maybe they are not promoting it on the site until they see if they can get a better license deal with Sony maybe? I don't think it is canceled!

masterg4054d ago

God I wish Microsoft would wize up one day.
All they do is buy. How about doing something new instead of just buying something that is comming anyway. The only ones that loose is the gamers.

JL4054d ago

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this here or not but....this is a false alarm. Check the site and they have it listed for PS3 again now.

DaTruth4054d ago

Creating new studios ends with more games for gamers, whether exclusive or not; Buying games with already multiplatform developers, less games for some gamers, this adds nothing to the industry.

But I don't really play multiplats, so it doesn't really matter to me. I would actually prefer they both have fully exclusive titles and I just buy both systems, but that wouldn't be good for everyone who can't!

sunil4054d ago

Rumor - is only a rumor

PS3 version now listed.

Arthur_4054d ago

should be taken down. They just have a lazy webmaster, lol, the PS3 version was there.

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Stryfeno24055d ago

Merry Xmas...Now who cares?

Model4055d ago

look at the guys above and bellow me... arent they cute ?

Atomic4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

yes, who cares?
we know nothing about this game, it's part of "Imaginez" for all i know.

-MD-4055d ago

We know more about it than "Agent" yet you guys are super excited for that.

Atomic4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

We know that Rockstar is heaps and bounds more talented than Ubishaft.

PirateThom4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Agent is being developed by Rockstar North, who have history, they have a strong back catalogue, so the final product has massive potential, the same way people are excited for Halo Reach without knowing anythhing, it's Bungie, they have history.

I Am Alive is Ubisoft Shaghai's first game, they have no development history and have shown nothing of the game bar a teaser, which showed nothing of gameplay... or even real time.

-MD-4055d ago

Well how about we just assume the game will be good.

It's like you guys are HOPING the game turns out bad. Which to be perfectly honest... is pathetic.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4055d ago

After all, those owning a PS3 are being neglected by Ubisoft *if* this is true, especially after PS3 is their biggest revenue generator. So why would PS3 owners feel indifferent, especially after giving Ubisoft their money and then getting the shaft?

Anyway, here are a few truths to remember:

RockStar North = Talent.

Jade Raymond = Attention whore (nothing else). I love how her games get a lot of attention even though Assassin's creed turned out to be a mediocre game, shiny visuals but no substance, just like her, hot on the outside, dumb on the inside.

-MD-4055d ago

So if the game isn't on your console of choice you want it to fail? You want every non PS3 game to fail?

In other words you want people to be fired and you want studios to shut down.

SaberEdge4055d ago

I hate how people arrogantly proclaim that Assassin's Creed sucks, as if they are the final judges of such things. How about saying "I didn't enjoy Assassin's Creed" so it doesn't come off so abrasive and like you are shoving your opinion down my throat? I happened to really enjoy Assassin's Creed and it generally received positive reviews and high scores.

Ubisoft make some of my favorite games. If they don't appeal to you the same way that's fine, but don't act like your opinion is fact.

At this point I can't say that I am excited for 'I am Alive' because I don't know a whole lot about it. But I am intrigued simply because of Ubisoft's pedigree.

BTW, 'I Am Alive' is in no way "Ubisoft Shanghai's first game". They have developed quite a few games, including Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell Double Agent.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4055d ago

Why would I care about somebody that didn't care for me in the first place? I couldn't care less if Jade Raymond is fired. She should have advocated for me in the first place. Besides, if the game bombs, it's their fault, not mine. It just so happens that if they fail, they will realize they could have saved their job by going multi. I'm not a hypocrite though, I also think Haze should have been multiplatform, maybe that could have saved Free Radical. The 360 audience would have probably eaten up that FPS and it might have gotten better scores if the game had less glitches compared to the PS3 version, as Ubisoft seems too incompetent to deal with the PS3 anyway.

As for Assassin's creed, it was hyped as a revolutionary game and instead we got repetitive missions, a sh1tty storyline (there's good Sci-fi, like Mass Effect, and then there's CRAP like Assassin's creed), but hey, at least it has great graphics right and flashy moves? i.e. it's a polished turd; Jade Raymond actually said PS3 couldn't do what she wanted it to do, and then some PS3 exclusives came out that shat all over her claims about Artificial Intelligence on the PS3 (and on her tits too).

Then again, this might be a good move if it's a timed exclusive on the 360, that way they take their time with the PS3 in order to learn how to do that version differently (as they should) instead of rushing crap out of the gates like they did with ASsassin's creed and satisfy both audiences instead of ruining the experience for both. I don't get why anyone is excited about Ass' creed 2 anyway.

ultimolu4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

It's funny that 360 fanboys like solar, Flop_of_the_Year and others want people to care about this game when we haven't seen anything yet which suggests it might be good.

I pretty much made that list because I'm playing all of those games and the world won't end if this game is canceled for the PS3.

Sorry, but life goes on for me.

And Flop_of_the_Year, sorry but I only have a trucker mouth for assholes like you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4054d ago

Rats know when to jump from a sinking ship

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Sonyslave34055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

LOL I guess the power of the cell wasn't powerful enough to run this game.

talltony4055d ago

yea I guess the agent is too weak for the 360.

ultimolu4055d ago

Your mom wasn't powerful enough to run this game.

Man_of_the_year4055d ago

That doesn't even make any sense. Just go back to your trucker mouth. Atleast we can understand that.

solar4055d ago

the power of the cell wasnt enough to run the Source Engine. what do you expect?

NegativeCreep4274055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

The "Rumor" and "?" portions of that headline, because they are sure treating this like a legitimate fanboy conquest and are busting some blackheads in their fanboyic gleefulness in the process.

But really, what else do they have to get excited over? Its no longer about what exclusive, top-notch titles are being developed for the Xbox 360. Now its all about "What multi-platform titles aren't making it to the PS3" that sustains their pitiful lives.

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Ninji4055d ago

So I don't care if it's canceled or not. I assume it's either vaporware or another mediocre game waiting to be swept under the rug.

PirateThom4055d ago

It's Jade Raymond's new game.

Jade Raymond presents a Jade Raymond Production
Jade Raymond's I Am Alive

TruthSeeker4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

You could be right, those kind of things happen, and then they get gaming news sites like this to jump all over it without knowing the whole story.

360isthebestps3sucks4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Hypocrites ps3fanboys :/

Tinted Eyes4055d ago

"Hypocrites ps3fanboys :/ "

nah you just want us to care it got cancelled

but none of us do

Lelouch V Brit4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Just wait Ubisoft will response for this maybe it's a Web Mistake.

RockmanII74055d ago

"I've never heard of the game..."
Sure you haven't ;)

"Just wait Ubisoft will response for this maybe it's a Web Mistake."
I agree

topdawg1224055d ago

Dude that sucks if this is true, this game looks pretty interesting from the teaser.
Concept sounds good too

RockmanII74054d ago

Yea, I was right. Now give me your bubbles... what do you mean No... well fine, I didn't them anyway *cries inside*.

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2FootYard4055d ago

I seen both copies of this game laying face down in puddles of vomit.