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TGS writes: "Shadow Complex isn't perfect but it's a fantastic game that every 360 owner should experience for its sheer brilliance. Being both a refreshing and classic side scrolling game that by Arcade standards goes beyond the call of duty."

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Elven64060d ago

Can't wait till Wednesday!

raiden_934060d ago

Geoff Keighley is giving away some codes tomorrow on Twitter is you're desperate to get you're hands on it early and for free ;)

Elven64060d ago

I am desperate but I also want to support Chair for making the game as well. :)

I guess if I get one, enter it, and it happens to go through, well I can't stop it now can I? :p

raiden_934060d ago

You'd have to be pretty quick. Not many people will turn down a free game, especially one beofre it is released...

ape0074060d ago

bought trails hd yesterday,was stunning,can't wait for this

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pxpxp4060d ago

cant wait to play i liked bionic comando rearmed so if it is something like it i should be happy

raiden_934060d ago

I don't think they're very comparable. Both great games but Shadow Complex is more like Metroid than Bionic Commando and I think those two play very differently!

pxpxp4060d ago

i love metroid as well so thats a good thing! :D

raiden_934060d ago

Awesome, the game is practically a love letter to all those who loved Metroid games before the Prime games (as good as they are) changed everything!

-MD-4060d ago

INB4 "Lol flopz, 8.5 sucks!!11!! Killzone 2 pwns dis garbage"

The-Warranty4060d ago

no one can say 8.5 is a flop anyways

GiantEnemyCrab4060d ago

They do though.. and yes, this is right in the flop range... as stupid as that sounds.

Mo0eY4060d ago


8.5 for a 3-4 hour campaign that'll cost $20. FLOP.

RockmanII74059d ago

I hope that was a joke Mooey, but knowing you... It probably wasn't.

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Gamer_Politics4060d ago

this is why i love xbl all these great new titles

Natsu X FairyTail4060d ago

Splosion Man
Trials HD
Shadow Complex

XBL dont have good games?

f1ck what you heard.

Sunny_D4060d ago

fick? I don't know how to fick anything. Unless you count your mom! :p

Model4060d ago

its ok PonyTail, no need to

talltony4060d ago

not really anything on xbox live arcade that interested me until recently.

shutupandplay4060d ago

"not really anything on xbox live arcade that interested me until recently."
The past month had like 6 amazing titles so I guess I understand. But they`ve been pumping out games since 05, there are TONS of great and old xbla games.

talltony4060d ago

I agree. But for me their has been like a handful of games that got my attention since launch of the 360. the last 6 months it has been delivering the best games I have seen for the xbox arcade.

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