Double Dragon Coming To XBLA Next Week

GamingTalkHQ is reporting that Double Dragon will be hitting the Xbox live Arcade next Wednesday.Clive Kabatznik, CEO of Silverstar Holdings said "Double Dragon will launch next Wednesday, and will be our first foray onto Xbox LIVE ArcadeThere will be two versions of the game: one will be "enhanced" with smoothed graphics, and the other will be the classic,version we all know and love.

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marionz4189d ago

after a few good games, Castlevania alin homnid ect it seems like its going back to stupid old rubbish
mind you DD is better then tron but you can finish DD in under 15 mins! who wants to pay for that?

shotputking4189d ago

i'll be getting it the second it comes out... i've been waiting for it since january when it was announced.

SlippyMadFrog4189d ago

Finish it in 15 minutes??? Are we talking about the same game here? I would like to see that

donscrillinger4189d ago

bout f-ing time this game gets released.ill be getting it .i love this game along with all my friends.

Havince4189d ago

ill have that, would like to see an improved version graphically. i hope its 4oo points

nicodemus4189d ago

Classic title. Can't wait to load this up just to listen to the music again. (DD1 and 2 had some of my favorite soundtracks on the NES)
But please--Be the same Double Dragon I remember. Don't pull another Contra!

Marionz-- 15 minutes??? I don't think I ever even beat the game.

Havince-- Pretty sure the download includes the original game, as well as a graphically enhanced version.