A Ten Step Checklist for Defining a Next-Gen Game

It has been eighteen months since the first next-generation console launched, but there is still no sign of a game that will revolutionize the industry like GTAIII or Mario 64 did in the past. With a huge roster of promising titles on the horizon, have devised a checklist of next-gen features to help identify which up-and-comers could be the genuine next big thing.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4186d ago

This gen is going to be greatest ever for gaming.

Bhai4186d ago

Wow ! as was saying, most of these are already in Resistance.
It proves yet again, that Gears is only a texture-swapped old-gen

-A User-Unique Experience(like physics based and non-linear)
-A Believable World
-Be Rid of Handicapped Characters(non-swimmers/climbe rs/jumpers)
-Goodbye Mr. Crate(like old-gen crate/boxes physics)
-Integrated Online
-Ace Presentation
-User Added Content
-Superior A.I(At least there should be more than 3 NPCs on-screen)
-It Remembers the Little Things(Resistance !!! intact bodies/debris)
-Refreshing Gameplay(Not just cover-shoot-exit-Repeat !)

Anyone can agree to those above ten tips for next-gen defining titles and its so clear Sony knew all those from day 1, and why not ! they actually are bringing it !!!

Hayabusa 1174186d ago

"Be Rid of Handicapped Characters: Unless a character is bound to a wheelchair and/or has no arms, there is no excuse for them not to be able to jump, climb or swim. It would be better if a developer turned an ocean into lava or built ultra high fences - whatever is believable within the game world - just as long as we are not expected to believe an elite soldier can’t get over a knee-high wall."

Sorry Gears of War.

Silver Bull3t4186d ago

...soldiers can mantle over objects just fine. Stop talking out your asss. Now go fold proteins LOL!

Hayabusa 1174184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I'm an XBox lover you ape. Just because I don't like certain things in a Microsoft game, doesn't mean I'm a sony fanboys.

And how come those fat-ass COGS can't mount all the objects that should be mounted or drop of a ledge without looking forward? Yeah, really Hardcore.

Dukester1014186d ago

I agree with pretty much all of that. Immersion and cohesiveness is the key. You cant get that by segregating online play... intertwine them, make them one in the same... do the little things. That's how it's gotta be- realistic, believable, and fun.

The only problem I have with all those points is that they're too good. I dont think devs can create games that do all those things with the current generation of hardware. It may be possible, but having an interactive environment with large levels, tons of particles, realistic effects (craters from explosions), rain/snow, etc... all that takes processing power. I honestly dont think the systems we have in place now can do that- perhaps in 5-10 years, definitely so. All I can say is, my kids are going to be playing the types of games I want to play now!

Also, the way business models are set-up- especially the micro transaction BS arent going to change much. Unless people riot and picket outside of companies corporate offices, the industry wont change as dramatically as it needs to. Consumers are still buying the "same" things over and over again, and that's what drives the industry.

Why create something new and exciting if you're still making millions off a repetitive game with prettied up visuals, and some cool new features? Answer- you're not going to. As long as people pay, there's no reason to change. All gamers, as a whole cohesive unit (put the fanboyism aside), need to demand these things, and then maybe the bigshot executives will feel the pressure of their market falling apart and do something about it, so they arent in the red, and can get back in the black. Until then, I dont expect drastic change in a timely manner.

SlappingOysters4186d ago

'Let's dream a little...' 8-)

And your kids will be thinking the same thing I bet. Hehe. A sound developer will be able to find ways of getting around limits in technology without necessarily deviating too far from the list. It is a massive challenge, no doubt. I bet many developers end up taking short cuts based on budget or time shortages that end up selling good intentions short.

Odion4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Lets look at that list again

-A User-Unique Experience- Gears has multiple paths to take that can effect how difficult the game becomes.
-A Believable World- The entire World of Gears of War has a consisted and original feel to it. Very Roman Gothic/modern
-Be Rid of Handicapped Characters(non-swimmers/climbe rs/jumpers)- They can get up to any place, the only difference is that unlike every other shooter you can't just jump around the map.
-Goodbye Mr. Crate- the Games not built around physics
-Integrated Online- Online Co-Op, best 4 on 4 deathmatch around, tons of downloadable contant. Ya they have this down pat.
-Ace Presentation- Was and STILL is considered the best looking game to date.
-User Added Content- Sadly none of this
-Superior A.I(At least there should be more than 3 NPCs on-screen)- Many times in the game you getting attacked from multiple sides by like 10 men per side. In addition to this you can't run around and kill everything fire fights are far more realistic, and on higher levels of difficulty you can easly be out flanked and killed by the AI.
-It Remembers the Little Things(Resistance !!! intact bodies/debris)- Do i really need to count all the fine details in GoW for you?? How about bodies stay on the ground and realistically have damage so i can blow the arm off an already dead corpse.
-Refreshing Gameplay(Not just cover-shoot-exit-Repeat !)- WTF was so refreshing about RFOM, it had the same gameplay as every other shooter, please name me one other game that is completely squad based and is more about flanking your enemy and pushing them back, and if you standing around spraying fire your going to get killed by the AI.

Please don't try to compare RFOM to freaking GoW

Anego Montoya FTMFW4186d ago

your right.
gears looks great but is a super thin game.
don`t lie to yourself.
"best 4 on4 deathmatch around"
it`s the only 4 on 4 deathmatch on a console since 98.

it does look good.
but c`mon....
other than visually, the game is not revolutionary.
by any means.

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