Review: extended battery for PlayStation Portable

Good news for all you PSP owners. It looks like you will be able to use your PSP for a longer time.

A company blue Raven says they have a battery that can last from 8 to 15 hours.

heres a description.

"The battery comes as part of a rubberized, five-ounce half-shell that the PSP slips into easily, leaving the back of the device encased in a manner that offers a comfortable, balanced grip. It was a bit of a squeeze, but the enlarged PSP still fit into the zippered protective case".

It does come to a cost though, $99 dollars.

Read the rest of the review for more details.

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gta_cb4184d ago

cool this is good :) although its kinda expensive

snoop_dizzle4183d ago

this might actually make me use my PSP again for music at least, until i get a creative m vision m.

XxZxX4183d ago

have frys electronic in your place? they have this crazy promotion $49.99 for 4gb Memory stick duo. would be sweet for PSP.

snoop_dizzle4183d ago

well i need massive space but i get a bunch of money in like 5 months, so a 100 dollars down now would be ok, and i already have a 2gig and 1 gig card, so that could hold me till i can put all my favorite music one player.

XxZxX4183d ago

yeah, 2gb or 1gb is now pretty cheap too. PSP really coming to life when memory sticks are getting cheeaper. Esspecially with 2GB or 4gb, you can store a whole season of series in there. Kinda sweet onflight.

snoop_dizzle4183d ago

that most of my files are WMA lossless(avg per file 24mb) , and i like a 1000 songs so i have to convert only my favoritest favoritest songs to a low quality mp3 format to use it and to even fit it.

With a 60 gig creative zen vision M, it would fit my needs completely. this battery thing would just be good for me for music now so i can play my psp for a long time.

XxZxX4183d ago

WMA loseless, wow you must have a damn sharp ear. hmmm yeah if you use loseless, i think u better stick with a hard disk not memory stick.

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