Too Human Developer Denis Dyack Says Gamers Dont Want 100 Hour Games

According to noted industry developer Denis Dyack, the era of milking a game for replay value is over, as more and more consumers want shorter, better games.

Dick Jones6262d ago (Edited 6262d ago )

Price can go up, but gameplay hours can go down. I love this logic.

consolecrusader6262d ago

So we pay $60 for a game....its totally awesome graphically...but the replay value and game length is short...

GENIUS! /sarcasm

Islandkiwi6262d ago

Games that are 100+ hours have so much filler, and to be honest I get too bored to continue playing. I would rather have a shorter game and have a nice progression, and the satisfaction of actually completing a game.

ChaosKnight6262d ago

...so stop acting like you know everything. If you're making a single player ONLY game, then I personally would expect it to be long, cuz really... like ConsoleCrusader said, you're dishing out $60 a game, so you want it to last. If it's both Online and Multi-player influenced, then the single player doesn't need to be THAT big in my opinion. Gears of War is good example of that... while I would have liked to see more story, I enjoy playing with my friends online all the time.

So what does Mr. Dyack think about all the players still playing Counter-Strike, Halo 2, and WoW (I know he commented on WoW but only in his experience). You're paying for an experience you hope will last, otherwise gamers aren't going to buy the game, they're just gonna rent it.

Boink6262d ago

translation: the game I'm making is short but good.

fenderputty6262d ago

That's funny.

I love my 80 + hour RPG's.