ThreeSpeech hint at PSN Announcements - new titles, Warhawk, LittleBigPlanet

ThreeSpeech hint that during this week there will be many announcements concerning the Playstation Network, including new titles, and new information concerning known titles, such as Warhawk and LittleBigPlanet.

"Lots to tell! We've just got out after two days of presentations from the PlayStation team on what's instore on the PS Network, among other things! So, keep an eye out on Three Speech over the next week or so for interviews with David Jaffe (God of War/Calling all Cars etc), more info about LittleBigPlanet and Warhawk (which is looking great by the way), new downloadable titles and plenty more exciting announcements."

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chrisin34278d ago

it's not always about the initial result--it's in the delivery, and PS3 is slowly showing that it's hear to play ball.

ShAkKa4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

the psnetwork will only get better from now on.

ps.where is gaMr he always had very good news but he hasen`t post anything up latly.

Amplifier4278d ago

Do you hear some of the bombs that are about to hit us soon? Sony's going to make a HUGE comeback, just call it a hunch!


Sevir044278d ago

everything thats happening over the next few days is a playstion work shop in london. that sony is hosting to tech new devs on the ps3 and the ones who are more familiar with the architect. the plan here is to completely get more devs to make games for ps3 and to ease the dev process for them. which is why you can expect them to announce new stuff. as i was looking at the venue on the site on day to of the workshop they have something called the psn features, and it goes on to describe the basic features of psn what it offers and how to program for it. with speakers who will touch on the games they've designed for t and other who are in the process of doing that, just for those devs who wanna get on the ps3 but dont have that hi budget for a full fledge disc based game. it also said interesingly about updates and new announcements for present features and future plans for 07... More than likely we'll hear about an intergration of the psp and ps3 networks, PS HOME, and new titles and games and stuff making there way to the PSN. and ofcourse sony will push why they want devs to use PS HOME in there games. i wish i could have attended it, but my stupid ship is underway and i'll be going to japan 2 weeks from now... oh well i look forward to the new announcements from the Training and stuff they got going on in London right now.

nix4278d ago

that's all i'll be doing next couple of days at threespeech! q:

Juevani4278d ago

cant wait for warhawk, warhawk battles anyone?? lol...

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