Wolfenstein: Almost there

Activision has released Wolfenstein's launch trailer as the game will hit the shelves on August 18 in North America. In Europe, it's a bit more complicated as it seems only the PC version will be released next week whereas console players will have to wait until August 28.

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pure pwnage245162d ago

thats weird cause I already saw it at a kmart near me, i live in the us.

Montrealien5162d ago

look at my gamertag in my profile ;D

BattleAxe5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

Here in Canada Wolfinstine is $69.00.There have been a few other games that have launched at that price aswell like 50 cent Blood on the Sand and Terminator Salvation.

Clugan5162d ago

My usual theory about games, as with movies, is if reviews are not forthcoming before the product is out, the odds on bet is that the product itself is garbage and even the producers know it. I really enjoyed the last Wolfenstein, but the fact that there is no information out there as to the quality of this game gives me a very bad feeling.

table5162d ago

I'm not worried. I'm getting this game regardless of the reviews since the Wolfenstein FPS series is one of my all time favourites. I'll make my own judgement and not let any half assed reviews dictate what I should and shouldn't like. I will probably buy it pre-owned though as a result of it being published by activision.

Montrealien5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

I am playing the game and I can tell you right now, it is a solid 7-8 (which by inteligent gamer standards, is good) And I like when devs actually try to mess around with the FPS genre, since there is really nowhere else left to go with shooters right now.

Raven have done a solid shooter that attempts to break the mold, it has an outlandish story and is technically sound, what more can you ask for in a shooter these days?

oh, and the multiplayer is a solid class based online shooter, which does not have the enemy territories name, since they raped that with quake, but it is clearly a sequel to what came with the Return to Castle Wolfenstein. You know, the game people still play on Live and on PCs almost 8 years later.

Blaze9295162d ago

Or maybe the embargo date is set sometime for tomorrow or Tuesday? Or maybe include the fact that retail units may not be available yet to send out to reviewers.

This exact thing happened to Prototype; also coming from Activision.

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Kushan5162d ago

Why do us Europeans have to wait until the 28th? There's no excuse for that, the game is Region Free and everything!

DarK-SilV5162d ago

I swear to god I was holding Wolfenstein for the Ps3 on my hands 2 days ago here in UAE ,but I didn't buy it ,I am waiting for the PC version to hit UAE, I played KZ2 2 weeks before the world ,good feeling

Droid Control5162d ago

until they lower the price for COD:MW2

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IamTylerDurden1169d ago

It got old tbh. Machine needed a break from the IP. Indie is a good reprieve.


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MadLad209d ago

They definitely pushed the FPS genre into the mainstream.


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RaidenBlack423d ago

Scheiße! Nein.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the best in the series. After that:
New Order
New Colossus
Old Blood