Xbox Micro Makes the Wii Look Overweight

Engadget writes:

"Welcome to Micro Saturday at Engadget! In the absence of hard hitting stories and shocking exposés, we thought we'd turn to the lighter -- and thinner -- side of the news. Enter the Xbox Micro, a 1-inch thick celebration of all that is good and holy about the world of DIY mods. It took six months to make, with a few clever design decisions along the way, but it looks good enough to make even the ninja-black Wii suck its gut in. Comparison pics with the original behemoth are after the break, and hit the read link to see the exposed guts of this little beauty."


Seems the images were removed from Xbox-Scene for bandwidth usage. Hit up the via Engadget link to see some of the pics

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Model3353d ago

well i dont see typical 360 lights

how would they know if it rrods ?

Blaze9293353d ago

And you obviously dont like to read either otherwise you would know it's the original Xbox, not the 360.

JasonXE3353d ago

That's pretty damn sweet

Blaze9293353d ago

Yeah I wonder if the Xbox 360+ will get a redesign. A new mobo was confirmed as a part of that 360+ rumor which would eliminate all the 360's issues thus allowing smaller models to be possible. Microsoft reported they fixed all the errors permanently awhile back but they still have not implemented whatever tech they have no that fixes all that into the current 360s so it MUST be the 360+. A slim make would probably be cool.

_vx3353d ago

lol only see a close slim black box

Raz3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Why isn't anyone saying the obvious?

"Microsoft needs to re-invent its image with a 360 Slim."


_vx3353d ago

they are a comapny based on copy/paste

njr3353d ago

This design is probably better built that it won't RROD.

TheAntiFanboy3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

There is almost NOTHING copy/paste about the 360 from 6th-generation consoles other than from itself.

And to say that Sony didn't borrow a lot of ideas from Xbox Live for the PSN is a ridiculous state of denial.

kunit22c3352d ago

Its pretty cool and all but who ever did this was simply trying to make you think it CAN be this slim, but it cant, notice no disk slot? Because that would add quite a bit of height to it. Also RROD on this would go like crazy!

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Oner3353d ago

Yet your name backwards is ImAgay...

_vx3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

...BAM!!! LOL!! that was funny imagay><yagami haha good one

Saaking3353d ago

Oner,that's hilarious! Didn't noticed that Yagamai= I am a gay. haha! Typical bot.

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cRaZyLeGs 933353d ago

If only they could do it to the 360. They can't for obvious reasons.

Reibooi3353d ago

If they tried that with the 360 it would red ring in 10 seconds flat.

mrv3213353d ago

And Chernobyl safe...

The XBOX is ok size not too big, but the brick is as large as a brick and as about as heavy as the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.