GOW III will be a sales monster? I Don't think so : GOW II sold over 2.5 million copies even it was an option for more than 120,000,000 PS2 owners at that time, then why being so much optimistic about GOWIII?

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Jerk1204912d ago

God Of War III will be a FLOP? I think so.

Shadow Man4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

but it won't sale 10 million like Halo3, but thats ok.

PotNoodle4912d ago

Shadow man has said some questionable things in the past here. But that is right on the money.

Look at regular games, Tomb raider: underworld - with all that brand recognition, on 4 platforms and loads of advertising - sold 1 million in one month across all platforms.

That was praised as good sales by analysts, but when an exclusive game with little brand recognition sells 1 million in just over a month it is classed as a flop? Come on people, stop being silly.

Halo, Call of duty, Gran turismo, Grand theft Auto and Wii fit have phenomenal comercial success. You can't compare all games to them, because in reality, a developer is happy to crack 2 million sales.

topdawg1224912d ago

It won't flop by any means but it will sell a couple million. I'm geussing between 2 or 3 mil. No multi. won't give it as much sales as a Halo or Modern Warfare 2. Real fans will get this day one as it will be epic just like the others

Snake Raiser4912d ago

For once I actually gave shadowman an agree...never thought i'd see the day...did someone hack his account? Oh well. Now about the sales, I don't know how much the PSP game sold, but maybe you should take that into consideration as well. If I had to guess the series as a whole probably sold about 7mil.I think GOW 111 will also sell better than this guy expects because it will be hyped through the roof! When GOW 1 +11 came out Sony had already beaten xbox and sony fanboys had lots of other games to hype as well, they had no reason to bother with a new ip at the time. Now that it is a proven franchise I think people will notice it more. Remember GTA1 sold just over 1mil. It was only after GTA3 that the franchise took off. (this is also due to 3-d I know, but you get the point.) Now IF sony will just market the game it could easily top 5mil.

Solid_Snake6664912d ago

your right it wont sell as much as Halo but halo wont ever sell as much as Grand Turismo

likedamaster4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

let's be realistic here. God of War 3 won't sell 5 million if even Microsoft advertised it.

From what I've read, it doesn't pack any multiplayer modes. Some co-op would have been indeed something to look forward to. You gotta give gamers some incentive to make the purchase or only the hardcore story-loving gamers will buy it.

Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed 1 & 2. Theseus on Titan mode is haaard(GoW2).

Defectiv3_Detectiv34911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

GoW3 will easily be the best selling PS3 exclusive(aside from GT5), I see it doing about 4 million in sales.

A lot of people try and tout the fact the the PS2 had sold 120 million consoles when GoW2 was released, but a lot of those people had also already moved on to Xbox by that time.

Not to mention, GTP sold almost 4million, and that was just a glorified demo. MGS4 - another ps3 exclusive that has sold 4 million. I really don't see all these people buying MGS4 for its less than impressive MP.

This game has a lot going for it that other hacknslashes don't. Its got brand recognition, a great story, huge scale(the size of the titans, the amount of enemies onscreen), and fun little things on the side like flying through the catacombs - that looks sick.

AngryTypingGuy4911d ago

Fernando, Halo 3 just sold 10 million and is still going strong. No GT game will outsell Halo 3. I know GT4 for PS2 sold 10.4 million but the key here is that Halo 3 is still selling very well.

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Darkeyes4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Meh... I don't care if the game sells 1 copy as long as that copy is mine.....

GOW will be Epic... Anyone who say the demo knows what true gore gameplay really means. The game looks better than anything, play better than anything and is better than any game....

Can't wait to see what GOW has at Gamescom....

GOTY 2010 in the making.

PirateThom4912d ago

Hands off! That 1 copy is mine!!

Arsenal4Ever4912d ago

nu uh, that copy is mine =]

krouse934912d ago

did I say you would be able to have my copy? :P

Time Lord4912d ago

N4G has been on slide for long time.

Noob4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

People on this site invest too much of their time worrying or speculating on how much a game will sell rather than enjoying it. I don't even consider people like that gamers. Honestly, how do you degrade how good a game is based off of sales? It's irrelevant and only here to make fantards feel good about their decision. Pathetic when you think about it. I can't wait to get my hands on this game, even if it sells 10 copies.

JsonHenry4912d ago

I see where he is coming from due to a numbers only standpoint. But he is forgetting a few details.

First off the PS2 had a LOT of competition in terms of high quality AAA games for sale at the time of GoW release(s). The PS3 by comparison (to the PS2) has very limited competition for your money and I know myself, as a PS3 owner that rarely uses his, that I can't wait for a game like GoWIII to let me use my PS3 for something other than a Blu-Ray player.

poindat4912d ago

Time to leave, bud...

Although I do agree. This and a lot of articles posted here are complete garbage.

BulletToothtony4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

is just this pressure to hate on the ps3 is quite silly...

I wish fanboys would just realize that sales doesn't make a great game.. at least for true gamers..

Look at Wii Sports..

The only reason i wish that ps3 games sold millions is just so more people could enjoy its great games. You know even the ones that the media trashed like Heavenly Sword, etc.

Anyhow.. i still think that GoW3 will sell just fine..

InfectedDK4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )


You could also say:
1. The people that bought God of War II still wants III... And has bought or will buy a PS3.. I bet around Chritsmas or when GoW III comes out..
2. More people has got interest in GoW III.. (I don't have the first two but I am for sure getting GoW III!)

But the real system seller will be GT5..

Sarcasm4912d ago

You guys are silly! You should go and buy Wii Sports, the greatest game of all time since it's sold 30 million copies!

Remember folks,

Game sales always = Game Quality


On a serious note, yes I don't care if GoWIII sells 3 copies or 3 million. Like the first post, just as long as I have my copy that's all that matters.

And people are forgetting, Gran Turismo is the true system seller.

InfectedDK4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if GoW III sells atleast 4,0 million in 6 months. And GT5 atleast 4,5 - 5,5 million in 6 months.

ultimolu4912d ago

All I care about is that copy in my hands. Kratos is gonna be rockin' my PS3 when it comes out. :D

Time Lord4912d ago

This will be my last post here. I hope things improve in future.

** Removes N4G bookmark**

RememberThe3574912d ago

I hear you on that. The speculation articles are so juvenile. I wonder if these guys could have predicted that Assassin's creed would sell over 6 million copies? Or that Killzone 2 would barley break 1.5 million? Or that Uncharted would end up out selling Mass Effect?

They could predict it, and they wont be able to predict the sales of GoW3 either. We'll have to wait and see how Sony pushes the game before we can make any predictions.

Captain Tuttle4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

lol at timelord

anh_duong4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

hmm.. explain:

gt 5 prologue for ps3 sold 4 million copies

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue for ps2 has shipped a total of 1.36 million copies.

but i am really not bothered about sales.. so long the game is good. if i was bothered about sales i would only buy wii and ds games .. only using examples above as a counter argument to the journalist

masterg4912d ago

The math is flawed.

First of we need to take at least half away because of chipped consoles.

Then we have to take another half away because those consoles were not owned by active gamers anymore or consoles that wasn't working anymore.

120 million consoles means 30 million active gamers tops.

ZOMBIEMAN14912d ago

let me point out with this dumbass neglected to add GOW2 came out in 2007 and was the last triple A game to grace the PS2 and in 2007 Wii , PS3 & 360 have already been out putting new games what i'm saying GOW2 came out during a time were PS2 games stopped selling no i honestly don't care about sales as we all know ( and by all i mean ppl with a brain ) agree sales does not equal quality example Ice amazing game poor sales now i'm not saying GOW3 will pull out a Gears 2 or a Halo 3 sales number but it will do very well and with right advertisements could be a PS3 best seller and i think we all agree on that ( and by all i mean ppl that aren't 360 fanboys )

AngelorD4912d ago

The PS2 was by far the easiest console to pirate.
I can assure you more than 20 million people pirated God of War II.
Now they have no choice but to buy it.
And I know many people who will buy a PS3 just to play GOWIII.

HammockGames4912d ago

It would be a crime to not buy this game if you own a PS3.

It's rare that games that are BOTH worth every penny AND define their generation. The God of War games are precisely that - no matter how many or how few people buy them. Even if you chalk the series up as "simply hack and slash", you have to give some props to the epic story. I mean really - this guy brings the pain to Zeus and anything else unfortunate enough to get in his frickin' way - 'nuf said.

Sad that so many people would have pirated a copy of one of the greatest games ever made.

cmrbe4912d ago

to get that 1 copy lol!.

@Time Lord, as i said many times. You get the good, the bad and the Ugly. This one is ugly!!.

If a new IP like Uncharted can do 3 million with only 23 million PS3 (13 million when it came out) then a well know IP like GOW3 will definately sell more than 3 million. I will say it will be close to MGS4 numbers if not more.

Its very simple for people to forget that the 120 million PS2 owners are very diverse and not all of them would have bought GOW2 which came out when the PS2 has past its peak.

I wish the author would have more common sense than this.

RedPawn4912d ago

I love gayass sole 360 fanboys on this site, kudos to the true gamers, and to you fakers stop eatin
the D I C K sandwhich and get a clue.

Wakka_4912d ago

Damage control already? Geez...

ia_studio4912d ago

Believe me God Of war 2 is probably the most pirated playstation game of all time, Go to a third world country like peru or colombia they sell that game at 1 to 5 dollars everyone has it everyone played it, I believe this game with no exageration has been played by at least by 10 million people, with a fanbase that huge how can they fail, when the ps3 is almost hack proof compared to the ps2.

Awful truth but I think there's a bright side of it.

donnie-21054911d ago

gears of war 2 sold 2.5million in a WEEKEND with a far far smaller user base.considering the massive budget/dev time GOW3 will have to sell these figures in its 1st month to be considered a sucess commercially.looking at past "hyped"ps3 exclusive sales(lbp anyone) it will only be a moderate sucess at best.

shadow27974911d ago

The logic is wrong, but the verdict is probably correct.

The huge install base of the PS2 is irrelevant. God of War is a hardcore franchise, it's about demographics, not percentages. Look at the sales for MGS4 vs. the sales of the other MGS games. They aren't that different even though there's a huge difference in install base. Casuals and kids don't play God of War. Casuals and kids are always last to enter a generation.

God of War 3 will sell similarly to it's predecessors, maybe more, maybe less. But it won't sell like Halo, and I'm not confident in it's ability to move consoles either. I just think most of the people who want to play it already have a PS3. We might see a spike for a month or two, but I just don't think it's going to be a huge spike.

However it's going to be very hard to determine that, considering what Q1 2010 looks like. There's a ton of big games coming in a short period of time.

If Sony's smart, they'll start advertising their Q1 games before Christmas. A lot of families aren't going to be willing to spend $299 -$499 (US) post-holiday. Which is another reason it'll be hard to see GOWIII's (and all the other Q1 games') impact on hardware sales.

It should be interesting, there usually aren't a lot of releases this early in the year for these very reasons.

gaffyh4911d ago

It honestly doesn't matter if GOW3 doesn't sell that much, I don't think anyone expects it to sell like Gears or Halo, because it is a completely hardcore M rated game.

But there is flawed logic in this guys arguments, you also need remember the fact that PS2 was one of the most hacked systems ever, whereas the PS3 is the only current gen system to have not been hacked at all. So those 2.5 million sales on PS2 are not really indicative of the fans of the game, because 5 million people may have played the game, but only 2.5 million bought the original game.

As long as I can play this game, I don't really care how much it sells, I only care that the devs cover their costs enough so they can make another fantastic AAA exclusive game.

god_o_war4911d ago

what he didnt put in to consideration is that most ppl had modded ps2's and jus got pirated games i was one of those ppl ( i was young and naive)

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Kratos194912d ago

What an idiot. By his logic, MGS4 shouldn't have outsold MGS3 but it did.

saint_john_paul_ii4912d ago

who's VGarabia? a blog? this site looks like its full of fail. and its not using proper evidence to back their statement up. lmao

biloz4912d ago

Man let me know if u have an evidence on anything that will happen in the next year!! I think no one has "evidence", Its a matter of speculation, nothing more nothin less!

hardcore19124912d ago

"its not using proper evidence to back their statement up."

Have you read the article? Proper evidence is the sales of the previous GOW games.

No mater how many copies it will sell, GOW 3 will be epic and it is a contender for GOTY 2010.

TheMART4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

"kissmeimgreek - 1 hour ago

3.1 - id say...
itll sell-

3 mil. if its advertised like KZ2 was

6 mil. if they REALLY advertise this game.

EDIT: i think if we look at uncharted 2 sales+ a mil. that will probably be GOW 3 sales"

Uh. How much copies has KZ2 sold with all that advertising???

Right. 1.5 million.


@ The one below. I wasn't saying that. The guy said GOW3 would sell 3 mln. if it had the advertising KZ2 had. It would be logical to say that KZ2 then also should have sold 3 mln. I guess.

FlipMode4912d ago

"How much copies has KZ2 sold with all that advertising???"

what are you talking about killzone 2 didnt have alot of advertisements

only on playstaychun4912d ago

Once again you guess WRONG! GOW is an established franchise which has had great critical and fanbase success; while killzone 2 on the other hand had a lot to prove and improve. The game appeared late into the PS3 cycle and so trust me, the game will eventually outsell all the other 3 games but not by huge amounts. The sales will still be great for a game that doesn't appeal to everyone - due to its gore and extreme violence...

TheMART4912d ago

"GOW is an established franchise which has had great critical and fanbase success"

With 2.5 mln. sales on 120+ mln. PS2 users I wouldn't call it that. Less then a couple of % bought the game.

"killzone 2 on the other hand had a lot to prove and improve. The game appeared late into the PS3 cycle and so trust me, the game will eventually outsell all the other 3 games but not by huge amounts. "

Late in the PS3 cycle? It released feb. 2009, thats less then 2 years after the Europe PS3 launch and just 2 years and 3 months after the USA launch. Thats late in the PS3 cycle??? The next gen won't arrive untill 2013, you know that right?

GOWIII will outsell all other 3 games? Wut? You expect GOWIII to sell more then 3 mln. on an installed base of about 25 mln., while GOWII only sold that on 120+ mln. PS2 users?

only on playstaychun4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

If you read closely you would have noticed that I started both sentences talking about GOW and therefore I was referring to GOW1 (new IP) and GOW2 being released pretty late in the PS2 lifecycle; which to anyone that would make sense but it doesn't seem like it to you. Why was it late? Maybe because the new generations had started: PS3 had just arrived in Europe and the rest of the world was already enjoying it; and some ppl had moved on to xbox360 much earlier than that. Yes GOW is an established franchise. Do I need to remind you that it was awarded the Best Overall Game of the Year in 2005 by AIAS??

The bots like to spin sales round and round until it comes to a point nothing seems to make sense. You do know that it isn't just the sales on the first year that counts? You do know that the PS3 install base and attach rate is increasing? Eventually all these games that seems to have sold so "little", will eventually sell much more than expected.

I don't even see the point talking about sales for a game that is about 8months off from being released. Just worry about playing great games and not playing Microsoft exclusive gaming experience which is "sales".

EDIT: My mistake didn't mean to say late into PS3 but PS2 lifecycle in the previous comment. My bad...

Snake Raiser4912d ago

"The one below. I wasn't saying that. The guy said GOW3 would sell 3 mln. if it had the advertising KZ2 had. It would be logical to say that KZ2 then also should have sold 3 mln. I guess."
But KZ2 was coming off of a franchise that was considered mediocre. (yes KZ1 had it's fans, but I mean generally) I have never heard anybody who played GOW 1 or 2 say that the games were anything less than amazing. So I think the statement that GOWlll will outsell KZ2 with the same amount of marketing is correct. Simply because God Of War is probably a better known brand and the first two games were amazing. Also don't forget the PSP game Chains of Olympus.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34911d ago

God, it never ceases to amaze me how much people overrate advertising. Don't get me wrong, its important, but its really not going to make or break the sales. People who are going to buy this game know when its going to come out. Like if they don't advertise for GT5 nobody is going to buy it when it comes out? Give me a break, word of mouth is just as important as advertising - which means make a good game and get people talking about it.

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there where like 100 million plus ps2 owners out there it was late in the ps2 libary so who was still great

Redempteur4912d ago

lol god of war 2 was an action game on a very heavy pirated console ..2.5 mil is great ...

iTzNath4912d ago

I'd say around 4 million copies will be sold without decent advertising

kissmeimgreek4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

itll sell-

3 mil. if its advertised like KZ2 was

6 mil. if they REALLY advertise this game.

EDIT: i think if we look at uncharted 2 sales+ a mil. that will probably be GOW 3 sales

table4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

I'd say 3.5m lifetime so that includes sales about 6-7 years from now. GOW is not a system seller though, the sales will be gradual but sure.

I personally won't be buying it until it's very cheap since I'm not a huge fan of button mashers.

mastiffchild4912d ago

No stewie baby it's NOT a button masher-not if you play gracefully raining stabby death from every direvtion imainable and some that aren't! It's acttually not the way to be good at the game and I should know as I CANNOT play b/mers at all yet am practically a genius at GOW!

As for the sales(who cares?)I imagine you'll see just a little under MGS4 figures depending on the level of advertising it's given but to aim for 4 million is possible.

iceman064911d ago

Have ya played it!?!?!? It is not possible to "button mash" your way through the ENTIRE game. might buy yourself a level or two, but sooner or will be forced to master the combat system just to get through the various types of enemies that come at you at one time...each with it's own way to defeat it.

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