Wii: What Happens When the Novelty Wears Off?

Nintendo's new-generation console is all the rage now, but what happens when it doesn't feel so "original" anymore?

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drtysouf214188d ago

Most people i talk to that own one including me are bored with the wii right now. I think that the ones who don't have one the hype is still there but for the ones that do the hype has died considerably. Thats my opinion I've had mine since launch. My PS3 gets the most play then next is 360. Next game i'll get for the Wii is Mario Party 8 because that'll be fun to play with friends but for now it gets no play.

4188d ago
ITR4188d ago

Mine gets played no-more then my PS2 did.

My friend has both PS3 and Wii and he plays his PC more.

Theo11304188d ago

just look at the NPD, the wii is outselling every next gen console, but the software side there are 5 out of 10 360 games on top, and that what the publishers like high software attach rate, and the bottem is about to drop if nintendo dosn't have their "nintendogs" fast.

TheWishman4188d ago

the novelty has already wore off. I had my Wii for a month and the Wiimote just was stupid after some time.

My PS3's Sixaxis has enough motion control for me anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.