Sign at FYE Shows PS3 Price Drop

CAG member Oswald9599 provides the scoop with this photo of future signage at FYE. The sign reveals a PS3 80GB console for $299.99 and a 160GB console with Uncharted for $399.99.

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Nitrowolf24012d ago

what that thing on the right of the uncharted game? i cannot see it that good.

meepmoopmeep4007d ago

it comes with PAIN voucher

Mighty Healthy4012d ago

A voucher for the psn game 'Pain'

sarcasmic4007d ago

wow, so the FYE sign was real afterall.

FamilyGuy4007d ago

Why make this pop up when it's 4 days old?

Is the 160 $399? I was under the impression that they were ALL $299 at the moment.