New Devil May Cry 4 (PS3/X360/PC) Preview

Devil May Cry 4 is still several months away from release, yet the game is already surrounded by controversy. Whether it's fans boycotting Capcom for going multiplatform or speculation over whether or not Dante is still a playable character, there were a lot of questions floating around that just weren't being answered. Don't blame the press - the development team "went dark" late last year and refused to answer questions or release new media for the title. Perhaps it was a concerted effort from the developers to avoid said controversy, or simply prepare for it.

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daomay4277d ago


Lets move along there is nothing to see here....

Give me another game to lookforward 2....

Campc#nt = EA

marionz4277d ago

i think they have doen alot for this generation allready, i cant wait to see what they do with RE5 and the unreal engine