Court Gives Green Light to Lawsuit Representing Madden NFL Purchasers

Madden NFL game purchasers will soon have their day in court after a U.S. District Judge recently denied Electronic Art's motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit.

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FragMnTagM5458d ago (Edited 5458d ago )

It's about F%$#ing time! I am sick of seeing the same football game every year. NFL 2K10 anyone? Well maybe 2K11 or 2K12... depending on how long this lawsuit takes.

I think anyone who has bought Madden, should hop on the lawsuit. Even if you really really like Madden, it would be a good idea to do so as competition will make Madden better and less gimmicky. I highly doubt that football graphics could not be better than what they are. There are other games that put Madden's graphics to shame. The Jersey's in 2K5 still look really good even compared to Madden 10.

Blaze9295458d ago

yes this is GREAT news. I hope EA looses this lawsuit and hopefully 2K Sports can come back and come back BIG with NFL 2K11. NFL 2K5 was amazing and only retailed for $19.99!!!! EA was sweating in their clothes at the pressure to compete in price and the fact that 2K5 was a better came. Hopefully with the return of 2K football games, we'll have good football games coming out again from both camps. Without competition, you get lazy and greedy. Looking at you $39.99 Madden for PS2 and PSP

youngmoney105458d ago

I hope the lawsuit ends soon so Backbreaker(remember that?) can have real NFL players in it.

NaiNaiNai5458d ago

Give me beack the ESPN 2K series. 20$ and still 2x times as good as madden. come on. EA pulled a pathetic move signing exlcusive rights. >.> looking at you too nascar.

RockmanII75458d ago

You do realize that 2K signed exclusive rights with MLB so EA can't make any baseball games until 2012, and now were left with the horrid 'Major League Baseball 2K#' series. EA F'd 2K over and 2K F'd EA over. I don't understand why I see anti-madden articles but never any anti-MLB 2K# articles.

NaiNaiNai5458d ago

Because baseball games are no were near as popular as football games. I don't play baseball games. I hate baseball. I hate football, but I loved ESPN 2k5. and i still find it better then any madden game.

Blaze9295458d ago (Edited 5458d ago )

How is that Sony can keep releasing MLB games on the PS3 then?

EDIT: nvm

"For seven years, Take Two Interactive has exclusive third-party rights to video games using the MLB brand. Unlike Electronic Arts' recent and controversial deal with the NFL, Take Two is leaving some room for competition: first-party developers (i.e., Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo) can still use the MLB goods. The contract officially begins in 2006."

ballsofsteel5458d ago

man i hope this means the return of the 2k franchise that was the best football game every year

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THR1LLHOUSE4598d ago

Aw, a very nice little story.

NagaSotuva4598d ago

I was in love with the story until Madden came up.

lorianguy4597d ago (Edited 4597d ago )

Unlike at Christmas time, leaving a coffee stain on the case of a borowwed game causes large amounts of abuse from my friends.

Careful where you put your coffee!

But that was a very nice story, it seems you have made Jake a very happy boy :)


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