Shadow Complex Launch Trailer Bundles Up All The Hype

You might've heard of a little game called Shadow Complex. Ya know, retro side-scroller with all the next-gen bells and whistles set in the Orson Scott Card world of Empire?
If however, you are in the dark, be sure to check out the trailer below and our hands-on preview to see what all the hub-bub

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Cajun Chicken4064d ago

Awesome trailer for what should be an awesome game. Jeez, I better get a bigger supply of MS points for the upcoming XBLA games, in fact, I better get something bigger than 20gb HDD if it's possible to transfer my games, I'd better stop installing games to HDD too, because that's what really takes the space up, but it does stop the noise.

pppppeach4064d ago

This looks great!

Hope there are allot of secrets in the game I loved those back in the 2D era.

green4064d ago

XBLA has recently been raining hits after hits after hits.Just a few more days to go.

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Masamori Sumimura4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

This looks like a very well done game for a XBL title.
XBL got a share of good game in the recent days with Splosion Man , Trials HD and Shadown Complex .

DelbertGrady4064d ago

Serious Sam HD looks good as well. And Ion Assault.

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