You Might Not Want To Buy Madden NFL 10 At Retail

NextGen Player writes:

"Thinking about picking up Madden NFL 10 today? Well, before you go hop, skip and jump to your local retailer consider this: Sports Illustrated is giving the game away free with a paid subscription."

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2paclives5453d ago

the game costs 60 at retail, not 70...and if you look deeper at online retailers you get it cheaper than that. Keep your mag.

Johnny Rotten5453d ago (Edited 5453d ago )

The website's Canadian and games started going back up to $70 for the last few months now. As for the Sports illustrated deal, it's pretty sweet if you or someone in the family will read them!

KingHippo195453d ago

Johnny's right, the site is Canadian and the game retails for $70. Games bumped up to that price point earlier this year.

uxo225453d ago

This would have been good information to share...BEFORE MADDEN RELEASED...not the day after.

harrisk9545453d ago

I'd been thinking about getting Sports Illustrated anyway and this is like getting the game for free.

supaflypriest15453d ago

I agree very good deal. I was looking to get a subscription anyway, and wanted Madden, 2 birds with 1 stone. Even my wife told me to do it...

mantasis5453d ago

:O I don't read sports illustraturd....but I want madden :O

Hmmmmm, decisions are hard....

Elvfam5115453d ago

magazine's and sell the magazine's to somebody you know that reads them so you get your money back and you'll have madden

mantasis5453d ago

Yeah I was thinking that...But I know he'd want madden too...I'd have to keep the fact that I got madden out of from him.

Golfcoachh5453d ago

It takes 4-6 weeks to recieve it like all the other free offers from sports illustrated.

Panthers5453d ago (Edited 5453d ago )

Very good point. I was considering this Madden. Would be my first since 04 (with Mike Vick on the cover... I think it is safe to say the Madden Curse is real!!)

SKUD5453d ago

Or wait about 6 months and pick it up in the bargain bin.

IzKyD13315453d ago

That Whore is right! (Sorry, I just wanted to say that)

mfwahwah5453d ago

Then you'll only get to play it for 6 months before the new one comes out!

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THR1LLHOUSE4593d ago

Aw, a very nice little story.

NagaSotuva4593d ago

I was in love with the story until Madden came up.

lorianguy4593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )

Unlike at Christmas time, leaving a coffee stain on the case of a borowwed game causes large amounts of abuse from my friends.

Careful where you put your coffee!

But that was a very nice story, it seems you have made Jake a very happy boy :)