Bloomberg: Microsoft's Allard-Created Portable Due This Xmas

Microsoft Corp. is planning to have a portable music and video player out by Christmas in a challenge to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

The digital player will have a wireless Internet connection, enabling users to download music without being linked to a computer, a feature the iPod doesn't offer, according to people briefed on Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft's plans.

Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, is seeking to take share from Apple's iPod, which commands 77 percent of the $4 billion U.S. market for digital music players, based on figures from market researcher NPD Group Inc. Apple's iTunes music store is used for 72 percent of music downloads. Microsoft has spent the past six years relying on partners to make players that use its software.

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shotty6176d ago

I have a feeling it will launch along side apples new device.

Marriot VP6176d ago

Bring it on, competition breeds innovation, price drops, and better service. All you MS haters better realize that the market should welcome and and all forms of technology.

kingboy6176d ago

yea just as microsoft with it`s windows welcomes others..sure your right!

Nodoze6175d ago

They should make a portable Xbox...that ALSO works as a portable media player. With the internet connection and Live anywhere capabilities it would be a really cool addition to the lineup. By denegrating this device to simple media functionality will greatly reduce the potential market share (most people already have a portable music/movie player)!!

OutLaw6175d ago

I hope they don't make it into a Handheld it probably will be to bulky and people will be turned off by that, we really don't need another PSP on our hands. There is always room for more MP3 players especially if they could make it thin and have video features in it. I really don't like ipods but I do own a creative Zen Vision M which is equal to an ipod with video. I feel MS will get it right if they just don't go overboard.

Capt CHAOS6175d ago

The psp flops big time for me, just because of the control system, I hate it, we need two analogue controllers on the thing. I really can't be ar$ed with another MP3 player on the market. My Creative MuVo does just fine.

COVER GIRL6175d ago

I hope it will be functional with 360.

Sphinx6175d ago

some sort of Live Anywhere device.

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