APB's 360 Version may be Cancelled

Koku Gamer writes: "It seems that APB's chances of making it to the Xbox 360 look grim from what we gathered at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today.

We had a quick question for a representative from Realtime Worlds who, when asked about the 360 version of the game, shrugged his shoulders and would only clarify the PC release in Spring 2010."

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A HiFi4009d ago

It's not looking good for the 360 version. Thankfully I just got a new PC. My friends are interested and are PC gamers is disappointing, but I'll still give it a try on PC.

Ziriux4009d ago

Well it is going to be a MMO which is where a MMO belongs, I think it would flop on the 360 considering how we have to pay $50 a month for Live, having to pay a monthly fee for a game, well that's just not going to fly.

TheColbertinator4009d ago


Live is 50$ a year not monthly.

Paying for one month of Live is 8$

Ziriux4009d ago

Yea I know, sorry a total typo pal. People make mistakes, just last night I accidentally stabbed someone as I tripped and fell on their thigh.

green4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Realtime worlds confirmed today that APB is not going to have a monthly subscription.

Anyway, hope they port it to consoles in the future because it does look like it will be a very cool game.

@Below: Exactly.

UnwanteDreamz4009d ago

Was a release for the 360 ever confirmed?

I could be missing something but how do you cancel a title that was not confirmed?

Tony P4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )


Yes. APB has always been in planning and development for 360 and RTW has said they intended it as a PC/360 game. Lately, it was confirmed (amidst more rumours of cancellation) in development for 360 at E3.

It sounds to me like an Alan Wake in reverse. Work has been done, but for whatever reasons, the 360 version is on the back burner.

aceitman4009d ago

they showed it at e3 and said it was exclusive to the 360 but a rumor is saying that it may be making its way to ps3

GiantEnemyCrab4009d ago

RTW have never said this was going to be a 360 exclusive. They also put the 360 version on hold over a year ago. I've been following this game and I knew it wasn't coming to the 360 since at least last fall.

It's been this way for a long time so while this just re-confirms what is already known the news is old.

Tony P4009d ago


Yeah, but: "We’re not giving details out at the moment, but it is being developed for Xbox 360."

That was June. It's true, they've said the PC version will take precedence over any future console ports, but that is not the same as outright cancelling. Someone over there needs to get their story straight.

Bluntly, if you're not going to put the game out on 360, STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW IT'S IN DEVELOPMENT FOR THE 360.

WaitStation 34009d ago

Microsoft has already stated that any MMO going on the box will be exempt from paying for Xboxlive. An example of this is FFXI. In other words, if an MMO charges a monthly fee you pay only that with no need to subscribe for Xbox Live Gold if you only have silver.

Might not even make it to Xbox 360.

vhero4009d ago

Just got confirmed for PS3 and now it might not be coming out on 360? MMO's would work well on PS3 unlike the 360 though as every console is dispatched with a hard drive from the consoles launch.

NegativeCreepWA4008d ago

Its been said many times that they wont talk about a 360 or PS3 version until its released on the PC, so this is nothing new. If it wasn't they would just say so instead of shrugging. Shrugging it off normally means its something hes not supposed to talk about.

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Carnage12904009d ago

Yeah, I just got a new PC too, so that sucks but I'll still be able to try it luckily.

4009d ago
Saaking4009d ago

Those you mention shadow man were canceled so that the team could focus on more casual stuff such as Eyepet and Eyedentify.

ZombieAutopsy4009d ago

actually i believe they were cancelled to work on new IPs for the Ps3 mainly ones with multiplayer as they believed thats where they would be most profitable.

Found this on Wiki
"On 4 June 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Eight Days, along with The Getaway, had been cancelled.[7] Sony released a statement on the cancellation-"This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion".[7] Two weeks after the cancellation of Eight Days, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, stated that the lack of an online mode in Eight Days was "part of the consideration" to cancel the game.[8] He also stated that the cancellation of Eight Days was not because it was not failing in production, but because Sony is increasingly moving towards online-supported games, and Eight Days did not fit that overall strategy"

-Mezzo-4008d ago

It wouldn't be a surprise if Eight Days & The Getaway gets announced at next years E3.

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Thank you very much (^_<)

Ziriux4009d ago

Sony fanboy much, or PC? IT's never good when a title is canceled after such hard work from the dev. luckily they had no hard work on the 36o.

Funqy4009d ago

While the 360 doesn't have a game like this, I don't think consoles are the right demographic for a game like this. While it looks good, a monthly fee won't to XBL Gold users.