Aion Scout Guide for Beginners (MMOHub)

The first of MMOHub's four Aion starting class guides covers the Scout. How do they play early levels? What skills will you get? What are the differences between advanced classes, the Assassin and Ranger? If you're new to Aion, or waiting until it releases to try it out, this will give you some info on the basic Scout class.

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TheSmokingManX4540d ago

Scout was the only class I didn't try out when I was playing the beta recently. I'm actually a bit disappointed; it sounds kinda cool.

ahnonamis4540d ago

Sounds like a scout/rogue class in every other MMO to me. Backstabs, dual blades, hiding...

Viewtiful4540d ago

Ugh. Why can't developers PLEASE just come up with a better class and stop using this stock choice. Most obnoxious class, always. Only used by people who get joy out of making others want to stop playing the game.

cain1414540d ago

haha if it involves backstabs I'll pass

Requiem4540d ago

scouts do sound like every other MMO, but when you branch out is when it turns a bit different. You do have your Assassin and Ranger.