Microsoft didn't want Halo as flagship title

Microsoft never planned for Halo to become its flagship title, according to Microsoft VP of game publishing Ed Fries.

"We didn't know what was going be our biggest title," Fries admits. "There was a lot of negativity around Halo, actually, mostly coming from the games press. We showed it several times publicly, and we got pretty negative feedback."

Anon19745428d ago

I have to admit, the Covenant weapons are very Fisher Price, but that game rocks. I can't believe the people they showed it to at the start had issues with it. All they had to do was play it for an hour to realize there was nothing like it on consoles at the time.

Natsu X FairyTail5428d ago

Why you writting this in the Open zone?

ukilnme5428d ago

Maybe he is banned or maybe he just does not want to get caught saying anything slightly positive about an Xbox game from fear that his fellow Sony loyalists will see it. I guess we'll never know.

Anon19745428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

You got a problem with open zone?

Alright, I'll put it in the Gamer Zone. Picky...picky.

At any rate, I'm a gamer, first and foremost. I really couldn't care less if Sony fans have a problem with me liking games like Gears, Halo, Fable...etc. I've never hidden my love for those games. They're excellent. If some Sony fans can't accept that some gamers like to play on both consoles then they're simply missing out.

ukilnme5428d ago

"At any rate, I'm a gamer, first and foremost."

Is that right? Then why so much hate for MS?

Anon19745428d ago

And it puzzles no one more than me. Where have I ever said I hate Microsoft? My gamertag's right on my profile, anyone can see I'm a 360 gamer as well as a PS3 gamer, I just happen to prefer my PS3. There's nothing wrong with having a console preference.

See, what most people confuse as my being anti-Microsoft is me just not being 100% pro-Microsoft. Just because I'm an owner and a fan of both systems doesn't mean I'm not critical of both systems. In my opinion though it seems that there's a lot of negative press directed towards the PS3 as US game sites pander to the larger 360 audience there while actual game news often falls by the wayside. I just try to add a little realism to the debate, and that more often than not finds me opposite a lot of fanatical 360 fans.

Just look at my posting history. Look at my story submissions. I say what I like and don't hesitate to criticize any company when I think they're deserving. If you think I'm only 100% pro-Sony and anti-Microsoft you're only seeing what to you want to see.

commodore645427d ago


Don't kid yourself, darkie....
You are the biggest ps3 fanboy around.
and deep down... you know it.

end of.

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TheColbertinator5428d ago

I think Halo received some of its negative feedback from the fact that it was a console FPS and not a PC FPS.I'm sure many within Microsoft didn't want Halo to go on the Xbox because rarely did FPS fare well on the consoles apart from the Rare shooters.

Arsenic135428d ago

The title is misleading. They didnt not want it to be the flagship title. They just didnt expect it to become that.

GWAVE5428d ago

Correct. I'm sure they didn't expect the first game to be their flagship, as was apparent by their average marketing campaign for it, but once Halo 2 was announced it was obvious that they were going to use the Halo series for all it was worth, what with the advertising campaign of Halo 2 being bigger than the US Government's military budget.

STK0265427d ago

while they didn't expect it to be their flagship title, it was probably the most likely candidate.

I sure as hell they didn't expect Blinx to be the next big thing. And, when you think about it, many of the new franchises they created on the Xbox weren't exactly great, games like Brute Force and Fusion frenzy were good, but not system sellers like halo was. Also, some of the better games from MS only came late in the console's somewhat short life cycle, games like Fable.

So really, when you think about it, Halo, a game released at launch, with mass appeal (shooters are pretty popular it would seem) and great multiplayer for it'S time, had everything needed to become their flagship title.

Cherchez La Ghost5428d ago

Microsoft didn't "EXPECT" Halo as flagship title.

ps3d05428d ago

true but still its a interesting bit of info

commodore645427d ago


You are certainly right about the title.

However, I am sure MS is mighty glad that Halo DID become the flagship title.


Omega45428d ago

Well no one knows what title will become popular until its released its not something which can be forced. If its a well made game and people enjoy playing it and tell others that then it will become huge.