Heavenly Sword developers aim for Teen rating

It seems that the developers at Ninja Theory are still hoping to achieve a Teen rating for Heavenly Sword in North America.

A poster on the Ninja Theory forums asked, "Can it be confirmed that the game has the 'throwing a weapon and impaling your enemy on a wall' move?" To this question Tameem Antoniades (Chief Design Ninja at Ninja Theory) responded, "Spear had to be dropped because 'Impaling' is considered a sure-fire way of getting a mature rating. Frustrating!"

It's a no-brainer for Ninja Theory to strive for a T rating, simply to allow for a wider range of people to be able to purchase the game. Heavenly Sword will certainly be a fantastic title despite this minor cut, though many fans may question the lack of blood and gore for a game as combat-heavy as Heavenly Sword.

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INehalemEXI4187d ago

I want a mature game darnit. with squishy sounds when you pulverize your enemys and of course blood and gore.

Vojkan4187d ago

Then give them 50 million dollars and there will be no problem all you wishes will come true

4187d ago
fenderputty4187d ago

This is still the first thing I've read that I don't like about the game.

Halonator4187d ago

This is suppose to have huge battle and is a fighting game with a "heavenly sword" ... so i wanted to see peole getting cut up and cool animation.
I don't need tons of blood but i still wana see people get impaled and stuck to the wall.

SmokeyMcBear4187d ago

how about integrating parental controls and turning on/off blood and guts.. I think that would be a good idea, to appease that that would like to see a battlefill drenched in bloood, and those parents wanting to protect impressionable young minds

CaliGamer4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Parental controls would be an easy way to give parents choice over what their children see, as well as still giving the game the mass appeal it needs. I know you can put parental control on movies but I am sure they can use the same system settings for the games.
I guess the argument would be that parents won't know how to implement these parental settings but I would argue that its there fault for buying a piece of electronic equipment for their child and not taking the time to learn all the features it has to offer.
Its upsetting at times when I have to suffer because some parent didn't take the time to raise their child right or supervise them correctly. FYI to all parents TV, VIDEO GAMES and MUSIC are not effective tools for your child to learn, make sure you keep an eye on your kids and what they are doing. Don't blame the media for your child's mistakes.

Violater4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

where is deep?

Him and his #@*& questions, now PSU like the bunch of no credibility hacks

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The story is too old to be commented.