Microsoft: Get A Free Cable And Don't Buy An Xbox Elite

Microsoft is offering a free data transfer cable in an attempt ease the woes of Xbox Elite owners who want to transfer their Xbox Live Arcade games from their 360s; or watch their movies or their TV shows.

It is also stating that if you already own a 360, you don't need an Elite. Here's what the company says, "Xbox 360 Elite is intended for new console owners. If you merely want expanded storage, we advise you to purchase the 120 GB hard drive accessory rather than the full Xbox 360 Elite console system..."

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badkolo4189d ago

so microsoft go kill oyurself, ill buy what i want, if i want hdmi a 120 gig wont give me that so i was forced to go get a new elite, a yes hdmi is nbetter,crisper,sharper and more vivid then component, i did tests side by side and its alot better.

unsunghero284189d ago

Personally, I think MS being this honest to consumers, essentially telling people not to buy one of their products, is an impressive display of consumer support unprecedented by the company. The fact that you somehow take offense to such a thoughtful gesture is ridiculous.

dissectionalrr4189d ago

he's just a fanboy trying to spin a story. get used to it on here ;)

calderra4189d ago

1- Microsoft is offering a free transfer cable for users who purchase the 120GB cable as an upgrade, and yes, it's stupid to buy a whole system when all you want is the hard drive.

2- Unless your TV has some mystical issue with Component (no, seriously, some TVs don't support all resolutions on all of their connectors for example), there is no real benefit to HDMI. And even if there is on your TV, it's hardly worth a $480 price tag.

power of Green 4189d ago

And i thought to myself this is something Jebissaveme would post. DAM! i'm good!.

gta_cb4189d ago

well at least there offering to give it out for free, especially when it costs them to make it

power of Green 4189d ago

You can say that about any SKU on both the PS3 and the 360 some people want the HDD deal with a new console on the side; plus they get HDMI and bragging rights of the back to the roots Black case.

I have an Elite and my good friend will pass on it its as simple as that. You pay $80 bucks and you're set to take full advantage of future services(HDMI, IPTV and unforseen features and sevices) the best picture quality that will enhance the upcoming boat loads of HD content.

You want it or you dont why do people put their reasoning on others?.

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