FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: first trailer, new shots

White knuckle, high velocity driving with explosive car killing pile-ups - that's why the anticipation engine is in serious danger of blowing a gasket over the gorgeous looking Xbox 360 racer, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage...

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Halonator4188d ago

This game actually looks good. Does anyone know what the premis of the game is? Is it crashing? I have never played flatout

gta_cb4188d ago

looks like it altough im not really sure... only time will tell, and im sure there will be more trailers/ screen shots etc to let you know more

InMyOpinion4188d ago

I wonder if they're rendered in real time by the Xenon? Then again, who cares how it's rendered as long as it looks this good? =)

gta_cb4188d ago

yeh this game looks really good fun :P