Video showing new Gears of War map Process.

Video showing new Gears of War map Process.

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reaperxciv4184d ago

he had to use the chainsaw, what a n00b

gta_cb4184d ago

i have brought the new Gears of War maps and i can honestly say there WELL WORTH THE 800MP! seriously! i would have been really annoyed come september if i had waited then seen what i had missed out on.

If you DONT hardly ever play Gears of War then i dont reckomend you download them, although they mite get you into it more ;) but if you play alot of just an hour a day or something, i DEFF reckomend this download to all, oh and the vid was crap especially as you only got to see 1 area! such a noob, especially when he used the chainsaw when theres other weapons on there! (good ones)

anyway thanks epic, now just sort out the horrid sticking to walls thing which has been a pain in the ass since the Annex patch lol (j/k its not that bad, just annoying sometimes)

reaperxciv4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

Here are some pics of a glitch on the GoW Subway Map Jryd, Prophetic Sin, Andrew2714, and I were checking out a few minutes ago.