Why Modern Warfare 2 Won't Be Great

So CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the biggest video games to ever be released. Gamers are expecting a lot for it, but will they get it? I say no.

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Natsu X FairyTail4053d ago

MW 2 will be GREAT as hell like COD4 was and [email protected]

I'll be buying it.

Theres so much new stuff now.

Hellsvacancy4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I rented it and the ONLY mode i liked in the game was the zombie co-op but after gettin to level 27 its seemed borrin carryin on - i aint buyin map-packs 4 a rental and wouldnt buy them even if i owned the game (which i woulnt)

Modern Warfare was ok 4 a month sold it soon after and Modern Warfare 2 will b a rental 4 a month probably

Edit. Oh and just incase u think im a stuck-up Sony fanboi Uncharted 2 will b a rental and so was Infamous Motorstorm 1 and 2

MAR-TYR-DOM4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

i was looking at projected sales for MW2 and they had it listed as about 9 million PS3 and 360 combined for the year. But they also projected Wii Sports Resort to sell around 8 million till year end. Is MW2 really the biggest game of the year?

Natsu X FairyTail4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

1000 sony fanboys could disagree with my 1st comment.

that wont change the fact that MW2 will be great.

PotNoodle4053d ago

Modern warfare 2 is a multiplatform game, what has it got to do with "sony fanboys"?


just for the record, i disagreed...

and i am no ps3 fanboy either.

MW2 will be good, very good, great infact, but it won't be the best game ever and it won't be a game i will be buying anytime soon.

I won't ramble on about boycotting, but i have made my feelings known.
i will pick it up pre-owned next year. A good 2 or 3 months after release.
Activision are not getting a penny from me.

it has nothing to do with being a fanboy of any system.

Simon_Brezhnev4053d ago

because he is delusional and think its a Xbox 360 exclusive

jmare4053d ago

They're not disagreeing that MW2 will be good, they're disagreeing that WaW was great.

dirthurts4053d ago

I will not be buying it. I don't want Activision to have my money.
I may rent it, but I won't be buying unless it's off ebay used.

Natsu X FairyTail4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )



Alot of the Disagrees are from Angry sony fanboys that follows my Every Comments and press the Disagree button with whatever I say.

It'S fun though . I write stuff in 1st or very close so they get to see my comments as soon they click on the page.

So of course it as to do with them.

EDIT: @ Poindat

I see where you're coming from and I agree @ 100% with you.
but I lost 2 of My bubbles for no good reason Yesterday because I said something that did not please alot of Sony fanboys so they raped them. What I said wasnt even Fanboyish @ all.

I'm @ 3 bubbles now So I might just piss the Ish out of them until I got nothing left and come back with a new account in a few days.

poindat4053d ago

I'm getting VERY fed up with you. You used to make reasonable comments, but recently you've degenerated into a pile of filth.

YOU have no right to call anyone a fanboy with the way you're acting.

Another odd thing, I didn't know that MW2 was 360 exclusive. I had no idea that just because I own a PS3, I hate the game (in your words.) On the record, I greatly dislike Activision, but I think the game will be worth buying... used of course.

UnwanteDreamz4053d ago

You troll PS3 articles with your negative BS and you are the first to start throwing around the fanboy accusations.

You have done nothing but state your opinion and people can disagree with your opinion without being a fankid.

I personally think FPS have oversaturated gaming. Most of the greatest gaming expierences I have ever had were with games that were not FPS. The little kids around here don't play anything but FPS it seems.

raztad4053d ago


Why do you think "Sony fanboys" are the one disagreeing with you? it's not like MW2 is a 360 exclusive.

What the article says is that the hype for this game is BRUTAL. Both (PS3 and 360) owners are expecting the second coming of Jesus, probably they will be rewarded with more or less the same gameplay already in MW1 with some tweaks, or gimmickries like climbing icy mountains up.

guitarded774053d ago

Good or Great, I've already pre-ordered, paid in full and will be playing on day one. This article is all speculative opinion anyway, the real test will be when the game is released to the public and players can officially sound off.

xTruthx4053d ago

We forgot Natsu X FairyTail played the game already... oh yah he didnt. MW2 should be better than the first 1. --->SHOULD BE <--- but will just have to wait and see

LazyDevs4053d ago

What is funny, If this was a HHG article. Everyone would be losing there mother f#$king mind's. Well he is trying to start a flamebait article and he is saying it is this way and blah f#$king blah. Nothing but f#$king hypocrites on this site. But anyways MW2 will own the original in everyway IMO. You can't say a game will suck or will be god unless you get to play it first.

menoyou4052d ago

It looks average. The multiplayer might be good, who knows. I hope it is, but the single player looks like rubbish and everything looks the same. After playing a masterpiece like Killzone 2, you can't say twitch shooters like Modern Warfare and friends are anything special.

pppppeach4052d ago


MW2 will be great!

EdFry4052d ago

If this were a HHG article the headline would be "(Enter weeks most poplar console) has the graphical edge on (enter the most infamous console) in Modern Warfare 2" Then he would ramble on about how he magically got a chance to play it on both systems at the same time and pixies and unicorns were floating through the air on the better version but the other version was gray and blurry.

Then he would go off with some *"ghetto speak" and talk about how he wasn't trying to be a flamer just accidentally happened. But this article was trash if you list "luck" as anything to do with some consoles success you must still believe in Santa Claus.

darren_poolies4052d ago

Why do you always presume it is 'Sony fanboys' that disagree with you? get a grip dude.

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Nelson M4053d ago

Enjoyed MW and WoW a Lot

But When you Say "Great" you can only Look Towards Killzone 2

OmarJA4053d ago

Yeah man i can never get enough of KZ2, so addicting...

MW2 looks great too but honesty I'll pass, I'm more interesting in M.A.G.

cyborg69714053d ago

I agree,I've been playing modern warfare and with the host ending and connection interuptions it gets sickening. I mean I could play swbattlefront on the same server with 23 others with out a problem on my ps2. If iw doesn't fix the online problems I'll be staying on klz2 or operation flashpoint. We're just spoiled with klz2. And it is that good.

ZOMBIEMAN14053d ago

amen to that i haven't played KZ2 MP ( i don't own it yet ) but i can see i'll enjoy it just like TF2 but i disagree with C0ck of Doody 4 Modern Gayfvckstupid and C0ck of Doody Modern Gayfvckstupid 2 being good ( ha Arby & The Chief reference )

talltony4053d ago

I completely agree it looks great but killzone 2 really is like a fps fans wet dream. Though I could do without the rockets and sentry turrets sometimes I mean a head shot from a sentry turret? really?

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Fishy Fingers4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Pfft... If it's more of the same, little more variety I'll be a happy man. Plus, throw in the co-op missions and I know I'm going to love playing it.

But after all this is N4G and great games are not quantified by what you like, rather by what everyone else likes (metacritic, sales figures) and I'm sure in that department it'll put the majority of games to shame.

Personally, I cant wait for the game.

LukaX234053d ago

Why would Sony fanboys disagree with your first comment? It's on PS3 too. Anyway, my guess is that this will be the best Call Of Duty game to date.

No_NaMe4053d ago

They know this game is to be played on 360 because Ps3 suc** to play FPS and online lacks quality so they disagree!!


Dead_Cell4053d ago

Come back when you can play a game with more than 10 vs 10 and people might take that seriously.
Oh but you get CROSS GAME CHAT don't you and that makes it all alright doesn't it?

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