Why Apple Should Make Video Game Consoles

Apple have entered nearly all electronics markets with their products. Next stop - video game consoles

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Natsu X FairyTail4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Might be good for them if they do.


If they enter the current gen they'll be in last position like Sony etc etc. not good for them.

lord_of_balrogs4052d ago

No thanks. An Apple console would have more shovelware than the Wii.

table4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

last position? It's about making profit. By your logic the first console out should be the only console on the market.

They could just pretend it's a next gen console to the consumers to get more sales. That's what the wii did.

HammockGames4052d ago

I agree. If Apple joined in it could cut into Nintendo's slice of the pie more so than that of Sony or MS.

Wii and Apple for the casual crowd (likely with plenty of shovelware for both).

360 and PS3 for the more mature gaming crowd.

I wonder, what Apple would do for a mascot. Maybe the dude in the Mac vs. PC ads?

Reibooi4052d ago

You know what a apple console would be? A nice pretty little white box barely more powerful then the Wii at twice the cost of the PS3. Yeah thanks but I'll pass on that.

pharmd4052d ago

hahahaha, NO WAY... i love my macbook pro and iphone 3gs... but cmon, apple wouldnt commit to a console, they have to put new stuff out every year...

in five years they'd be on their fifth console!!!

TheAntiFanboy4052d ago

No chance. According to themselves, they're too cool for video games.

YoungKingDoran4052d ago

how the hell do you get the first comment on every article you annoying psycho?

ThanatosDMC4052d ago

An Apple console... i doubt developers would support this as much. Just check out the Mac version games on your retail stores' shelves. They're either somewhere you cant see/find or it's one little shelf.

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dawgsfan1174053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Nobody wants to pat $1000 for a video game console haha

sunil4052d ago

Apple could sell it !! just make it look cool and do massive advertising about RROD of 360

remember the I am a Mac / PC ads?

HammockGames4052d ago

And people thought Sony made an expensive console at launch! / jk

Seriously, though, while Apple makes some nifty devices they do charge a premium for it. Don't get me wrong - ipods, iphone, etc, they've got their upsides. But I'm not sure that they could get away with the same type of pricing strategy in the console market since they don't have much of a real foothold.

In contrast, they practically drew up the blueprints for the mp3 market, and because of that they pretty much dominate that market regardless of how much they charge. But the console market is already full of established heavy hitters - probably too full for them to clock in at the highest price.

This could be an uphill battle for Apple.

Darkeyes4052d ago

lol... I own a Mac and even though I love it, I can easily say that it's overpriced....

The problem Apple has over here is that they have to target the mass market.. Something Apple has yet to do with it's Mac. People buy Mac since they are sexy and built for the minority.... Games console don't work that way as software support will whimper by 3rd party.... But if they can capture the attention of the mass like they did with the iPods, then it's another story.

But I do agree. If Apple comes out with a console decently priced, then it can easily grab the market as Apple knows how to advertise.. Even better than M$.... 10 bucks says their first ad is a comparison of hardware failure rates of 360 and Apple will keep digging it..... Also, All the other Apple features like Apple TV,iTunes, Mac OS, Remote play, Appstore.... can be integrated in it.... Maybe next gen.

militant074052d ago

pipin 2 wouldn't be a good idea.

the iphone is full of silly casual games, it wont work on a console, and it would require alot of time to get the support from the publishers.

and mostly it would be over priced console

hac-hunter4052d ago

I can certainly see Apple charging an @rseload for their console.

darthv724052d ago

I was just thinking of how baddly the pippin did. Pippin 2 with a touchscreen overlay for your tv to make it a giant itouch console. Or...they make an app that lets you use the iphone/touch as the control interface. They can include itunes aand apple tv access.

LoneGun4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Apple will never make a machine dedicated to gaming. It goes against their philosophy and Steve job will never approve it. However it's quite possible that they may come out with a new product to replace apple tv that will essentially be a computer with interesting user interface to compete with microsoft. I'm thinking that they may use motion technology similar to natal, perhaps the popular sixth sense.

LoneGun4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Omg I've just realized that the next apple tablet IS the new apple console! There has been rumor saying that it could replace apple tv, it all makes sense now! It will use iPhone and iPod touch as controller and since it uses he iPhone os it'll have automatic acces to the apps in app store, including games! Spread the words!

Grandreaper99994052d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense for Apple to just pony up with one of the big 3? I could see Apple and Nintendo getting along very well..

LethalToxins4052d ago

That may have worked in the GameCube era, but with the Wii, Nintendo's far too arrogant to agree to any sort of partnership.

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