Pioneer announce Blu-ray drive for $299

Pioneer USA has officially announced the availability of the BDC-2202, a combo drive which will read Blu-ray discs (including movies) as well as read/write DVDs and CDs.

The drive, which will be the first Blu-ray drive to not have burn capability, will retail for the ultra low cost of $299 when it hits store shelves in June, making it the cheapest Blu-ray drive on the market by a few hundred dollars.

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Torch4239d ago

if you just want to watch movies...but the inevitable emergence of affordable BR writers will be a Godsend...finally, the added security of being able to back up my ENTIRE hard-worked-for current MP3 collection onto a single, easily transportable and inconspicuous (unlike hard drives) disc.

Bring it on, baby!!!

gta_cb4239d ago

this is good news! maybe 1 more step to having a winner?
i dont care who wins BUT i now have a HDTV aswell as someone else in my family, we all enjoy watching movies, and with HD movies (on HD DVD and BluRay) being as cheap as what normall DVDs are and use to be (around the £20 mark) we would like to start making up our collection, but... well theres no point until we can say yes thats the format to go with :(

sabbath4204238d ago

This will not determin a winner in the format war. This is a drive for your pc, Not a stand alone player. This is great for media storage but will not propell it as a movie format.

TriggerHappy4239d ago

A drop in ps3 sales, this is bad and good in a way. The ps3 is not selling like hot cakes so people buying the system as a bluray player cant just pick this up and say bye bye to the ps3.

Good part, Bluray is going to have appeal to customers even more.

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The story is too old to be commented.