Valve Not Even Bothering With The PS3 Any More

Kotaku: Valve, Valve's boss Gabe Newell and the PlayStation 3 have a history. A history of not getting along. And it doesn't look like that's about to change any time soon.

Here's a little chit-chat the Valve head had with host Geoff Keighley on tonight's episode of GTTV:

Keighley: Are you guys working on PlayStation 3 here now, trying to understand it, trying to get better at it?

Gabe: Uh,no. not in any real way.

There you have it. Not much wiggle room in that sentence.

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Natsu X FairyTail3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Theres Team forteress 2 and The Orange Box on PS3

Lmao , what did you guys want more?

edit: What Fiasco was L4D 1? the game received Good Reviews everywhere I checked.

It was a Fiasco to Ps3 fanboys because they couldnt play it. Thats N4G for ya.

MURKERR3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

no i dont want more,im very happy with the upcoming ps3 exclusives

that dude seriously needs a diet and a shampoo

Panthers3888d ago

He is genuinely ugly. Being skinny would not help that at all. Let him have his Mickey D's

MURKERR3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

especially the comment on motorstorm vs mgs4 i dont think you should call anyone a fanboy, also google why there was a petition, i never said that the game never recieved good scores but clearly people arent happy in some respects which inturn led to the petition.

ps3 gamers are VERY well catered for in the games department with either exclusives or multis valve do not make or break a gaming library,

3888d ago
Mr_Bun3888d ago

Why are you the first to comment on so many PS3 related articles even though you don't own a PS3?

techie3888d ago

Is it me or does he look like the Nanny in Count Duckula?

Dragun6193888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Honestly, I don't really mind really If Gabe/ Valve doesn't want to develop for the PS3. PS3 has already others to develop for it such as

Naughty Dog (Uncharted 2)
Team ICO (The Last Guardian)
Santa Monica Studio (God Of War 3)
Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo 5)
Zipper Interactive (M.A.G.)
United Front Games (ModNation Racers)
Studio Liverpool (Wipeout HD)
Guerilla Games (Killzone 2)
Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank: ACIT, Resistance 3)
Level 5 (White Knight Chronicles)
Sucker Punch Productions (Infamous)
Titan Studios (Fat Princess)
Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet)
San Diego Studio (MLB09: The Show)
Eat,Sleep,Play (Twisted Metal)
Rockstar North (Agent)
Tetsuya Nomura/ KH team (FFvXIII)

It will only be valve's loss.

evrfighter3888d ago

wasn't long before a fanboy decided to bust out a list of titles nobody ever bothers to read lol.

I dont own either a ps3 or 360 but I'm here anyway....just cuz

masterg3888d ago

In the end Valve will loose.
Here is why.

Right now it might earn you a few extra bucks developing for the Xbox vs the PS3. But this holiday alone Sony will take a huge bite back at the gab between the to consoles. Just watch. It will happen.

This will ultimately result in better economy in developing for the PS3. This will however not even be an option. Valve will have very little experience at programming for the PS3 compared to other companies. Their games will suffer the same bugs as early PS3 multi platform games did, making them a very hard sell.

Other companies that supported the PS3 from the start are now experts in programming for it. Valve missed their window and they don't even know it yet.

sunnygrg3888d ago

Left 4 dead is a great game, but I dont see any particular reason for upgrading to L4D2 at a high price of $60.

That being said, Gabe doesnt even like the PS3, so I dont know why this news comes at any surprise.

rockleex3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

How is he a fanboy for listing games that people could be playing on PS3 instead of Valve games that obviously aren't coming?

I didn't see him bashing on any consoles. Hell he didn't even bash Valve.

I swear, N4G gets weirder and weirder everyday. -_-"


That's what I'm saying. Why do people feel the need to write 20 articles throughout the year about how Valve doesn't want to make games for the PS3?

Anyways, I'm out of here(this article). Tired of all the bickering on N4G.

DelbertGrady3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I think we are witnessing a trend here. More and more developers realize that it's just not worth developing for a console that has higher development costs, a smaller install base than it's competitors and has the lowest software attach rate. The state of the world economy isn't really helping either.

masterg3888d ago

@Soda Popinsky

The xbox has an attack rate at 8.1
The PS3 has an attack rate at 7.9

The attach rate argument is not valid anymore.
If the PS3 isn't worth developing for this year it means the the Xbox wasn't worth developing for last year. A year ago the Xbox has an install base the same size as the PS3 does now and their attach rates are virtually the same. Unless MS is paying Valve for keeping their games Xbox/PC exclusives, Valve are just very poor business men.

Mr_Bun3888d ago

You know better than that!

table3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Valve is the only developer who thinks this... stop being an ass. Their problem is that their programmers arn't learned with the ps3 hardware. I reckon they'll crack further into this console cycle and realise there's money to be made on the ps3.

I only play Valve games on PC since they play best on that platform. Orange Box on ps3 was horrendous, on the 360 it was mediocre but on PC it's excellent. L4D also feels at home on PC.

@fermcr11 - PC is best for RTS and also FPS, I agree. Fear2 for example is horrible on the consoles but it's not bad on PC. There are some exceptions like Killzone2 which feels right on console and CoD4 feels good with the controller. For all the other genres I'd play it on consoles(again exceptions like KOTOR etc). My point was only to express that I don't mind them not developing for ps3. I don't know why you brought up that I might be trolling...

3888d ago
ultimolu3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Uh...who cares?

I certainly didn't care.

Love how 360 fans are disagreeing with people who said they don't care, lol.

cryymoar3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )
listen to that fatass even smack talk the xb360 saying things like:
-no large medium
-no mandatory HDD
-expensive to develop on
-windows vista sucks

But he praises the console now.

Gabe Newell is just a fat whiny baby.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3888d ago

Guess that confirms the fact you will never see any future releases from GOTY AAA games like Half Life, Counter Strike, L4D, Portal any anything else from Valve. It's got to suck for PS3 owners Valve is one of the most awarded developers in gaming. No developer has a community larger than Valve. It's ok you can still play their games on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows or an Xbox 360. At this point you can pretty much call Valve a Microsoft exclusive developer since PC is a MS platform along with the 360 :)

edhe3888d ago

How is the ps3 going to 'bite back' when it's constantly dropping in year to year sales whilst the 360 is performing far stronger ?

Last NPD the 360 sold not too far off double the ps3's amount.

That's not biting back, is it.

The slim can't triple ps3 sales forever.

Pennywise3888d ago

Bun I wondered the same thing about Natsu and asked the same question and spent the next few days in the open zone. I would still love to know...

/On topic - Valve is not going to budge this gen... I don't think this is news worthy. Call me when they are working with a new engine that isnt from Early 2000's.

SprSynJn3888d ago

Please do enlighten us with what Valve is actually known for besides Half Life and Left 4 Dead. Seriously, I could direct you to a horde of casual gamers who do not know who the company is. Just because they are popular with geeks on a website does not mean they are the next Nintendo.

Ghoul3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

"I think we are witnessing a trend here. More and more developers realize that it's just not worth developing for a console that has higher development costs, a smaller install base than it's competitors and has the lowest software attach rate. The state of the world economy isn't really helping either."

dangerous half knowledge right ahead, with proof.
seriously dude such statements make you look really uneducated and shortminded.

OH and BTW

Valve is a pc dev, everyone who plays theyre games on the 360 is wrong in the first place. All of valves games belong on the pc and that wont change in the future since valve holds steam wich is the pcs LIVE. The 360 ports are just money makers nothing else.

So fanboys around the world please get it together valve is NOT a 360 dev. They are a PC dev only making 360 ports of theyre awesome pc games.

3888d ago
masterg3888d ago


Please stop talking NDP. We are talking worldwide numbers. Not North America alone. World wire the 360 is selling about 30k more than the PS3 per month right now. The 4th quarter is always were it happens. Meaning the sales here are roughly 3 times as great.

Lets do an example.
The PS3 double in sales because of price-cut/slim effect. This is by no means a high estimate. This would result in the PS3 selling 6 times as many consoles in the 4th quarter compared with the 3rd quarter.
The Xbox will of course also get great xmas numbers. But we already know their move. The Xbox Elite will be $299. This means the two will go head to head with the same price for the first time ever. If you ask me it's going to be a slaughter.

And keep in mind I have had 3 Xbox 360's, and although I like my PS3 better, Im not a fanboy by any means.

pixelsword3888d ago

If programmers can't or won't develop for the Cell processor now, these same programmers have no hope for the future. Out of the three main future chipsets (Cell B.E., GPU, and FPGA) The Cell Processor is the easiest to program for.

All-33888d ago

Why does every developer --> have to develop for the PS3?

Aren't there some PS3 --> only developers? Do you dislike those developers just because they've chosen to only develop for the PS3?

Valve has the PC and 360 markets to sell to, and they also have their Steam service for digital distribution. If Valve needed more revenue, it could develop for any number of platforms, but has made the choice not to at this time. Just deal with it... it's not such a big deal is it?

3888d ago
guitarded773888d ago

Gabe Newell needs to spend less time with Twinkies and more time developing for the PS3.

jmare3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Valve is primarily a PC developer. They are very good at it. But the downside to that is they are very resistant to trying new things when it comes to development. As the PS3 install base continues to grow, contrary to every 360 fanboy's dearest dream, Valve will be walking away from a considerable amount of market share. I'm not implying that the PS3 will suddenly be dominant, just that it's not going anywhere, just like the 360 and the Wii aren't going anywhere.

Valve just does PC and 360 because they are PC developers and the 360 is essentially a stripped-down specialized PC. I mean this as far as internal components. Valve does not want to learn anything new right now and they are happy with their sales, so why would they want to fcuk that up? It only remains to be seen how long EA keeps from putting pressure on Valve to develop for the PS3.

Everybody needs to calm down. Even people without a 360 can play Valve games on a decent computer. That is why Valve uses the Source engine: so they can put it on as many computers as possible. Valve minimum specs are usually pretty low.

EDIT: He comes off as an even bigger douche because 30 seconds earlier he's going on about how they didn't do right by PS3 users and they had a legitimate gripe with Valve.

sunil3888d ago

If Valve wants to go 360 exclusive good for them.
PS3 has plenty of AAA (my rating) titles either coming out this year or the early part of next.

I for one can sure do without any Valve games (though I own them on on PC).

3888d ago
techie3888d ago

Haha, not just me then. 23 agrees :)

njr3888d ago

This fat guy is lazy mentally as much as he is physically.

raztad3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

OK, not hating Valve in anyway. Indeed I'm going to get L4D1 for my PC in few days, but lets recognize that Valve has been living just milking a very old engine (Source).

Source is ALREADY ported to the PS3. EA did that work. Yeah the Orange Box is not awesome technically speaking but its quite playable. Source is such an old engine that even with a bad port form EA (one of the earliest) it runs on PS3, it just needs to get more from the Cell SPUs and it will be running perfectly on PS3.

My point is, it is not the technical part what prevents Valve to reach PS3 market. It's a conscious/business decision from Valve of just to develop for the PC and then port to 360.

pixelsword3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I don't know if your comment was a sleight at me or not, but if it was, consider this:

I never said anything bad about Gabe, as a matter of fact, I can't think of a single game Valve has made that I didn't (eventually) like. Second of all, what I said about programmers was said generally. Valve never said that they won't ever develop for the PS3; it's already been established that they were thinking about developing on the PS3. On top of that, I never Mentioned the PS3, I mentioned The Cell Processor; which although is in the PS3 is not only in the PS3, just like Programmers don't all program for consoles. The fact that the future of PC programming, and therefore console programming, will emphasize multicore programming techniques that will become exponentially more complex in time (just like now) won't allow as much "catching up" time to people who aren't indoctrinated in these techniques already. So yeah; the 360 is very close to what PC games can do now, but advanced FPGA and GPU programming techniques (which are literally around the corner now) won't be anywhere near what people are familiar with.

Or just read that story in that N4G article I linked to in my earlier post; the person who wrote it has over two years programming on the Cell and has programmed on all three chipsets.

Dude4203888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

My post wasn't aimed at you, if you look at the previous posts and even some after mine, you'll see why I posted this.

Edit: Wow, because of my previous post I'm losing my bubbles, bloody fanboys.

aldesko3888d ago

Valve is one of my favorite devs, but their games are meant to be played on PC. L4D was actually pretty good on 360 (minus the lack of content compared to the PC version), but I can't play HL2 or TF2 on consoles.

Also, this doesn't mean Valve won't release any games for PS3, it just means they won't port any themselves.

WaitStation 33888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Cry me a river.

You either get a 360 or upgrade that PC. Don't forget that video card, though. Make sure the Mobo has PCI-E 2.0 or videocard won't be worth it... and the right processor fits, and the same RAM is compatible. Don't forget to update those drivers and make sure SLI, if you have it, is enabled. Good luck with all that.

Valve games on PlayStation? Just wait, maybe next gen. ROFL.

potenquatro3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I get your point, but you can play Valve games on PS3. You can play OB on PS3. Tha't basically the bulk of Valve games right now. Only thing missing is L4d, but all console owners are missing out on DOD:S anyway. PS3 owners should've gotten those updates though. Can't somebody with SDK port those updates to PS3?? I'm not saying a dev, just somebody from the community.

Nikuma3888d ago

Who cares if they don't make a single thing for PS3. You shouldn't be buying any valve games unless you're getting them on the PC anyways.

pixelsword3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I wasn't sure, that's why I wanted to make sure I was clear on my points; hopefully, I didn't sound cross because I wasn't.

I'll bubble+ you, though; because, well, I can. :)

darthv723888d ago

If there was a petition for valve to make ps3 games then why isnt there a petition for insomniac to make 360 games? Unless...there is one nobody told me about.

Honestly there is a double standard from both factions. PS3 gamers who get games from other third parties as exclusives are mad at 360 gamers who get games from third parties as exclusives and vice versa. In the end if PS3 games want these so called exclusives and they are also available on the PC.

I would love to see what insomniac could do with the DS or wii or even the 360 but they have said that even though they are an independent third party, they CHOOSE to make their games for ps3. I can dig that which is why I have a PS3. Valve saying they choose to make their games for 360 and PC should be no different.

Also, those saying they will get the game for PC really arent getting their point across to companies like valve. You want it for ps3 and you are mad that it isnt coming, in the end still get the game for PC??? That is still a sell for valve. If you want to make your point known simply dont buy the product on any format.

It takes commitment in a cause to get the heads to turn your direction.

Kornholic3888d ago

My guess is that the PS3 just doesn't like fat bastards.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

what's with the exterior criticisms?

you know what never mind, ps3 gamers have already proven their true colors, they love to judge books by their covers.

"hmph" fvckin soul less fanboys.

coolirisGB3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Geoff Keighley is a pro PS3 crybaby sympathizer. His inferior complex turns me off. He'll mention *what about PS3* or *PS3 too* when know one was talking about PS3. GK is a stealth PS3 fanboy he demands developers give PS3 the same respect and treatment as the 360 despite it not being his place. Developers have the right to do what they want just because they make AAA games doesn't mean they are obligated to support PS3.

LOL at the crybabies in here, oh nozzz

JustinSaneV23888d ago


You do know that VALVe's main focus is on PC gaming right? In case you weren't aware, they own the most successful PC digital distribution platform on the market. I don't think they're missing much when it comes to potential PS3 sales.

iDystopia3888d ago

haha This is amazing. Go Gabe, go Valve, go 360.

DaTruth3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

They are a PC developer and probably wouldn't develop for any console, except for the fact that all they have to do is take a medium setting version from the PC, stamp it on a disk, and there is your 360 version and your 250 million dollars!

Simple as that!

ThanatosDMC3888d ago

I dont mind that Valve doesnt support PS3. As long as they keep me content on Steam.

usern4g3888d ago

Why would they?

It's time to accept reality, in the USA -- the largest market in the world -- the PS3 has utterly shiat-the-bed. It has a very very small user base compared to the Wii & Xbox 360.

This user-base problem woudlnt matter as much if Sony hadnt decided to make the developers jump through hoop by relying on DSPs instead of multi-purpose CPU Cores -- and that costs money. That money is being burnt by the millions and not being recovered.

Look at what happened to Haze FFS. That project destroyed the studio.

And, Killzone 2 only went as well as it did because Sony spent their own money helping the devs -- had they not, it would have failed too.

And, its likely that KZ2 has lost money too, rumoured to be the most expensive game ever developed.

Japan has gone almost totally handheld (this is why you see sony bringing so many big-IP titles to PSP). America is solidly Xbox 360 for HD and Wii for casuals/noncore.

It's time you guys realized this.

Valve is only daring to say it in public, but this is clearly not a unique nor unpopular idea in the halls of the Game Industry.

Do you think the CEO of Activision was just blowing smoke when he threatened to abandon PS3 without a price-cut (hence a install-base increase in a hurry)?

These things arent happening in a vacuum.

Alvadr3888d ago

Its a shame really that Valve cant rise up to the challenge. Although the install base of the PS3 isnt as much as the 360 its still huge and growing rapidly. They are effectivly saying 'Meh' to 40%-45% of the hardcore market worth millions.

If they were smart the would hire some skilled PS3 developers or at least look to Sony for some support. The costs would more than outweigh the potential rewards.

3888d ago
3888d ago
evilmonkey5013887d ago

Ea did all the porting for them. This article should be called "Valve Not Even Bothering With The PS3." "Anymore" would infer that they "bothered" with it in the first place. Who cares anyway. I prefer C.O.D zombies to lfd . (and yes , I own a ps3 as well as an xbox as well you fanboys).

+ Show (53) more repliesLast reply 3887d ago
A_Little_Girl3888d ago

who is vavlve, do they even make good games i bet they dont

caRnAGEconcept3888d ago

oy-vey. In so few words, you've managed to say quite possibly the most incorrect statement I have ever heard ... about anything ... ever.

Natsu X FairyTail3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I guess you are still Very very Young Little Girl who Dont know Sh1t about Gaming because Any Gamer that knows their Stuff would know that

Valve are Great devs.

Team forteress Series
Half-Life Series
L4D series
Counter Strike

which are all Great Games Series.


PS: Disagree all you want that wont change the fact that you aint know Sh1t.

ps2: You may Disagree , Valve will not start making a new game for PS3 because you are disagreeing with me.

get your mind right.

N4PS3G3888d ago

@ A little Girl

..i think they created one of the best FPS of all times... whats the name? ehmm ....Half-Life 2

but oh boy! who are you kidding?..the clueless girl stealth troll account know who they are ;)

A_Little_Girl3888d ago

thanks for clearing it all up, seems like they dont really make good games other than mindless fps. ps3 will be fine without another fps

Pizzagaki3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Remember the game resistance ?
Resistance is a damn Half life rip off without depth.

Half life got depth, and invented the concept of alien indoctrination.
Also, Half life and Counterstrike are one of the most played online games ever.

Basically Valve earns the title, legendary developer, if you dismiss valve, then youre an idiot.
And i dont make love to idiot girls.

Did you click disagree on me because i said i dont make love to idiot girls ?
Dont go begging, i am for real, i wont make love to you cuz your an idiot.

evrfighter3888d ago

being a pc gamer I've only seen 2 games on the ps3 and resistance was one of em. It was about as in-depth as Redneck Rampage...

Wait I lied

Redneck Rampage was at least somewhat humorous
Put a little spit and shine on the graphics and we have Resistance

Pizzagaki3888d ago

Lol yeh, redneck rampage was friggin hilarious.

rockleex3888d ago

evrfighter trying to label other people as fanboys. Funniest thing all day. ^_^

table3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I'd say resistance is inspired by Halo CE more than anything else. Infact, I'd go so far as saying Resistance FOM is the true 3rd game in the Halo series. Of course all these games got inspiration from games such as Half Life.

edhe3888d ago

"mindless" and "Valve" do not belong in the same area. kthxbai.

rockleex3888d ago

Began as community mods.

Valve just picked them up after they got more popular. O_o

SprSynJn3888d ago

Why does this company, and the community for that matter, think themselves (Valve) so great when they have only two franchises under their belts? Only one of which is considered a classic. I would understand if it were Square or Capcom, but Valve?

Pizzagaki3888d ago

Valve = Counterstrike, Half life, L4d, Team fortress, Portal.

Only 2 franchises you say ?
I count 5 there, and all are very successful.

Nihilism3888d ago

we need an airdrop of droid-be-gone STAT!!, co-ordinates are:

longitude: Dev artcile section
Latitude: ps3 fanboy haven aka valve/ps3 article

Riddicrash3888d ago

Don't get me wrong, Valve are great developers and those are great games but of the 5 you suggested 3 weren't even created by Valve initially, Counterstrike was a mod initially as was Team Fortress and Valve picked up the idea (And the team I believe) for Portal from a game called Narbacular Drop! As I said, don't misinterpret me, Valve have done great things with those franchises, I'm just letting people know the facts!

II Necroplasm II3888d ago

"Did you click disagree on me because i said i dont make love to idiot girls ?"

lol Pizza, you're a trip.

raztad3888d ago

Valve is a PC developer. The highly acclaimed Half-Life series is from it. Valve is a God among PC geeks, if you like first person shooters some Valve games need to be in your must have list.

Get the Orange Box. On PS3 it is glitchy and with a lot of annoying loading times but it packs 5 games for less then $20 and games are playable.

Half-life2: Run and gun FPS. Some smart use of physics/puzzles. Annoying First Person platforming. Vehicle sections are meh. Very weak and unexciting combat but strong storyline.
HL2-EP1, HL2-EP2 are just episodic expansions of HL2. Valve promised a third episode yet to come.

Portal: Very smart FP puzzle game. Highly recommended.
Team Fortress 2: Multiplayer only. I dont like this game but you alway can try.

I'm not a Valve fan but you cant go wrong getting the Orange Box.

zag3888d ago

Valve are ok.

They are really only known for 1 game as that's is all they have made.

Which is Half life that came out in 1995 using a modded Quake 2 engine.

Then in 1999 they came out with Half life 2 using their "own" engine they may have modded another engine who knows, anyway Half life 2 was PC only till the 360 cam out, whihc they simply release the engine for the 360 as the 360 is a cut down PC, (there isn't anything special about the 360) anyway that's when a whole load of new console people started going nuts about it, thinking that it's only ever been released on 360 or something.

I finshed Half life 2 5 years before the orange box came out and I don't know why some many people went nuts for it as the later stages are just run and jump puzzles, in other words gets a bit simplerfied as you come to finshing it.

As for the team fortress etc Valve made that as an addon for half life 1, the other stuff have all mods made by other people and Valve have bought out or employed those people which is good but people are deluded into thinking Valve have made a lot more stuff than what they really have which isn't the case, seeing as Valve only made half life 2 that got released in orange box, team fortress which came out later isn't the only real other project they have done.

Left 4 dead is probably another ripped off mod for half life 2 engine.

catguykyou3888d ago

Yes, who's ever heard of Half life, Half life 2, Counter strike, Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2, Left for dead, and Portal. Seriously what a horrible track record as a developer.