YourEMGN: Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver: Preview

Not surprising - The remake has been made for better connectivity with the now old, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl & the recent Pokemon Platinum. So the old school legends of the game - Hoho, etc. can be brought back to life with the new generation of Pokemon Games. This is mainly because the Gameboy games are now disappearing and the newest version of the Nintendo DS- the "Dsi" does not have a GBA slot. The obvious hint - There will be a few more remakes.

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Madusha4058d ago

Hoho is gonna be awesome, Can't wait for this game. Nintendo shouldn't have removed the GBA slot on the DSi, new Ds owners cant enjoy the good old games... but this will mean there will be 1 or 2 more remakes. :D

Nihilism4058d ago

omg this game is gonna be sweet, i mean it's not like you could get all the pokemon from this game in all the other pokemon games, oh wait a minute yes you could....

Madusha4057d ago

Yeah true, most pokemon can still be obtained in the new games (Diamond and Pearl etc.) but this will come with a few new mint features. My fave so far is the ability to keep 1 pokemon in the outside world by your side.