THQ Signs Oblivion Designer for a 'Big Huge' RPG

THQ today announced that it's entered into a partnership with developer Big Huge Games to publish a brand-new role playing game for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC. The game is currently scheduled for release some time in 2009. Why should you care? Well, RPG master Ken Rolston, who most recently was the lead designer on the critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, will lead the project. That alone should whet your appetite, especially if you're an RPG addict.

The 25-year veteran knows a thing or two about role-playing games. Not only was he lead designer on Oblivion, but he was also lead designer on Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (and expansions) and he contributed to a number of other Bethesda Softworks projects. He also worked for 12 years on award winning pen-and-paper RPGs, including Paranoia, Rune Quest, D&D, AD&D, Star Wars, among others. Rolston won the H. G. Wells Award for Best Role-playing Game in 1985 for Paranoia.

"I'm flabbergasted by the talent, craft and boundless energy of the Big Huge Games team," said Rolston, lead designer, Big Huge Games. "In such splendid company, I'm privileged to embark on a bold pilgrimage to create a refreshingly original RPG experience. I know eager game fans will share our excitement as we reveal further details in the coming months."

As for Big Huge Games, its founders Brian Reynolds, Jason Coleman, David Inscore and Tim Train have much experience working on strategy hits such as Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri, and Civilization II, but the developer said that it's been thinking of doing an RPG for some time.

"We've wanted to do an RPG for years and I think we have a great direction that will knock everyone's socks off," said Tim Train, president and COO of Big Huge Games. "THQ's ability to create and grow new intellectual properties, and their reputation for fantastic developer support, made them the ideal partner to bring our dream game to market."

THQ is often thought of as a publisher that relies heavily on licensed material, but the company understands the importance of having strong IP in its portfolio as well (e.g. Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Destroy All Humans! and more). "THQ has built its business by identifying the right content to compete and win in the genres gamers are most passionate about," said Kelly Flock, executive vice president of worldwide publishing, THQ. "Partnering with Ken Rolston and the rest of the team at Big Huge Games is a major win for THQ and marks a bold, first move into the traditional Role-Playing Game space."

While THQ is keeping most of the details close to its vest, tried to squeeze some information out of Tim Campbell, VP of Business Development, THQ, and Big Huge Games' Train and Rolston. Check out the Q&A after the jump.

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VirtualGamer4188d ago

Definately have to keep my eye on this game. Should be really good with the talent they have lined up to create it.

gta_cb4188d ago

yeh i agree this game has potential.