Xbox 360 Video Marketplace looks likely for Europe in 2007

In an exclusive interview with 360Zine issue 5, Robin Burrowes, the UK’s Xbox Live Product Manager, reveals he’s on a personal mission to bring the video marketplace to Europe this year. “We hope to have some content that hits in 2007,” he said. The interview goes into more depth and also deals with the Spring Update. As well as the printed interview, the full 30 minute audio interview can be heard from on the interview pages in the digital magazine.

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Boink4184d ago

bring it to freaking canada already!!!

ericbs4184d ago

agreed I can't see why it is taking less time to bring it to Europe then to bring it to a country that is bordering the US!

Black Republican4184d ago

so were you trying to be funny or are you just stupid???

Syko4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

You know how we feel about you Canadians down here, Don't push your luck. Plus, I think some of the French Canadians surrendered the right to this service. LOL =P

This is good news for Europe and does need to be brought Global ASAP.

Black Republican4184d ago

how do you feel about Canadians down their???

BrotherSic4184d ago

we totally need in Europe!

I don't think I will really use it too much but its still good to get the option. It would also give us the same functionality as our US counterparts :)

THAMMER14184d ago

I watched departed in HD last night.

gta_cb4184d ago

wow THAMMER1 thats like 6GIGS!!! :O lol i was going to buy some points to download it, but i have to many demos which i downloaded :( ... ohwell i havnt played on any in ages, bye they go haha

gta_cb4184d ago

i am extremely pleased with this news! i even had to make an american account just to see what i was missing out on, and there is LOADS! i really want to download the South Park series lol! also i would like to be able to download movies for as long as i wanted rather then just rent them ... but ohwell its still a GREAT service! totaly wicked!

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The story is too old to be commented.