New PS3 Game Announcement at Gamescom

From IGN's Podcast Beyond Episode 102:

20:26 Greg Miller: I went on a secret Sony mission yesterday; I saw a bunch of their games. There's a lot of stuff going on.

28:53 Chris Roper: I think we've exhausted all the rumors. Is there anything else that we've missed?
28:56 Greg Miller: I know things. I can't say things.
28:58 Chris Roper: You know things?
29:59 Ryan Clements: Interesting.
29:01 Chris Roper: Games are coming for systems. That's what we know.
29:06 Greg Miller: New announcements coming. At least one.

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Natsu X FairyTail4057d ago

Tomba would be SWEET!

you guys remember that game right?

FamilyGuy4057d ago

It's just Singstar Micheal Jackson

It'd be strange for ANOTHER exclusive to be announced, there's sso many in the pipelines already and sony showed 2011 titles at this years E3 so why would they skip a few for this?

SnuggleBandit4057d ago

Sly cooper....or infamous 2

thereapersson4057d ago

Tomba would make my day. I LOVED the first game on the PSone. I don't think I played any demo more times than I did the one for that game...

Dragun6194057d ago

Hmm, Chances are that its either
Syphon Filter
Twisted Metal
or a new IP

phosphor1124057d ago

Holy f*ck I need to buy that game. Sh*t f*ck. I need it!!!

Disccordia4057d ago

IF they announce anything new, then it would make sense to see something from a European developer. It's too soon to hear anything more from Guerilla or Media Molecule so the most logical ones are the Cambridge, London or Liverpool/Evolution studios.

rbluetank4057d ago

great call on tomba!!! i would like to see that game as well as Parasite 3 /dino crisis 4.

whoelse4057d ago


Sorry had to say that.

Jaces4057d ago

Twisted Metal baby.

That has to be Jaffes new game he showed Sony.

mastiffchild4057d ago

I'd be jubilant if they'd just say Sony were going to publish Yakuza3 for Sega in the west myself! Never going to happen but y'know.

Anyone else, as it's what I suspect, think this might just be Eyedentify? I know London and Cambridge were seconded from their projects over to other Sony ones and considering one was Eyepet and Eyedentify was also mooted(and is similar tech)I can easily see it reappearing here.

Seeing as Digiguys are based in the UK why wouldn't Wardevil be a candidate for a third party game(on whatever platforms) to be shown, finally, as well?

Prolly end up some lame Singstar expansion/version.

Hobadoon4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I still can't believe a Twisted Metal hasn't come out yet. My friends and I played the hell out of those games. I can't even imagine how sick the graphics are gonna look. I still got beef with Calypso.

Meet The Creeper

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ngg123454057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

The secret unannouned ps3 exclusive?
Probably the title.

Xulap4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

You mean the infamous secret game mentioned by the CNN(?) guy?
That was The Last Guardian.

RememberThe3574057d ago

But honestly, it could be anything.

JD_Shadow4057d ago

Wasn't Trico confirmed to BE that "BBC game"?

SuperM4057d ago

Yes the game was The last guardian. So no more need for discussion

mfwahwah4057d ago

@ 2.3

No, The Last Guardian was ;)

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ballsofsteel4057d ago

twisted metal seems to be the only thing i can think of also BEYOND!!!!!

SuperM4057d ago

I kinda doubt they will shot Twisted Metal or any other SCEA game like Starhawk or Syphon filter.

If they will show anything it will most likely be a SCE cambridge game, or a London game. They will most likely show Singstar Michael Jackson at the very least which is a london studio game. Perhaps Guerrilla will show Killzone liberation 2 for the PSP

remanutd554057d ago

Starhawk isnt being developed just by incognito , another european sony subsidiary is pretty much very involved in the development of it too so i think it could be that but im praying its either: MediEvil, Primal or Heavenly Sword 2

Ice2ms4057d ago

Would love Twisted Metal !!

Whats David Jaffe up to atm.

And ye ..... BEEEEYOND !!!!!

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