iPhone 'exploded in teen's face'

A teenager claims that an Apple iPhone shattered in his face is a first involving the device but similar incidents have occurred with the iPod, a US TV station claims.

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sunnygrg4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )


DELETE4060d ago

George likes his chicken spicy

Jeebus4060d ago

Oh man, that's one of my favorite lines as of late.

I love those quick little lines at the end of the show.

" wife did."

"You're really starting to piss me off. Call me!"

those last five seconds are some of their best lines

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Jerk1204060d ago

Now that's some cash down the drain.

But, hey, better wasted on an iPhone than a PS3.

-Mezzo-4060d ago

That comment alone made me realize that i should give you advise on getting a life because you need one badly.

Nitrowolf24060d ago

hey he would have been waisting more money getting a 360
-Burn down house
-Funeral for his mother

ElementX4060d ago

Wow, at least the 360 doesn't send shrapnel flying into someone's eye when it overheats

doomx564060d ago

But it does burn down houses.

JonnyBigBoss4060d ago

But the enraged feeling fanboys get blows up their face.

deadreckoning6664060d ago

U had ta start that now, did ya Element?

ElementX4060d ago

Sorry, I had to go there.

Fatal Blow4060d ago

These people are just trying to sue apple so they can make money
damn i have an iphone like million's of people do and that never happened to me or the other million's of people next we will hear apple mac shattered my son's face lol come on people

NaiNaiNai4060d ago

I have a xbox 360 that never RRoD and stopped working, so why are people putting lawsuits against MS.

cereal_killa4060d ago

Because unlike you Nai some people don't want to take sh!t from company's that give you faulty products. M$ is dam lucky that they're not getting more lawsuits against them for this problem the dodged a huge bullet and should be thankful that they did.

"I have a xbox 360 that never RRoD and stopped working" Good for you! your one of the lucky people who received a system that wasn't a piece of trash but they're are plenty of people in this world who haven't been so lucky (I being 1 of them). Remember just because is hasn't happen to you doesn't mean that it doesn't happen to anyone else.

NaiNaiNai4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Maybe I should sue mac, I've had 3 Ipods die on me. >.> yet my zune still works. and don't get me started on walkmans. T_T. ohhh how about i sue toyota for putting a POS transmission in my car. thousands of people complain about that, yet no one does anything. people only attack MS because they know they have money and have better things to do then sit in court rooms.

as for your little

"Remember just because is hasn't happen to you doesn't mean that it doesn't happen to anyone else. "

why dont you tell that to Fatal Blow as well, or will you not do that to a fellow sony supporter?

cereal_killa4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Nai my comment was to anyone who thinks that their so surprised that anything breaks when there certain product work so great and I'm sorry that your Iphone crapped out on you. Personally I think that the Iphone is an over rated product but that's just me but your Zune on the other hand has also had it's share of problems themselves no system or product out there is perfect I dont care what any Fanboy says.

The only thing I find to be a logical Lawsuit is when it does Harm to some one. This is why company's have R&D to test there products for these sort of things if the said company (knew) that this product was/is faulty knowing that it will cause harm, the company should be held liable for what happens.

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