Sam Fisher Beats Out Solid Snake In Terms Of Gameplay

Sam Fisher isn't the same as the previous version gamers are use too. Sam Fisher is quicker, badder, and better and in terms of gameplay Sam Fisher beats Solid Snake in many ways making Splinter Cell Conviction the official rebirth to this franchise in every way.

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Nitrowolf23887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

This will not go so well..

egm_hiphopgamer3887d ago

listen you guys I know it's hard to beleive but after playing splinter cell conviction for the first time only in terms of gameplay i'm telling you guys are going to be blown away buy how easy and smoother it is over the major metal gear game

Nitrowolf23887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

What do you mean by "easy"?
MGS4 had easy controls.
"limbing up poles, shimmering across ledges, running, hiding, dodging is so much simplier and looks more fluid in-game" whats simplier? its pretty easy to do all that in MGS.

Ryo-Hazuki3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Okay maybe it is, maybe its not. Didn't MGS4 come out June of 2008?
Easier? lmao okay, what was so hard about mgs

SnuggleBandit3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Uh no...

Just more flaimbait from HHG...seriously the only reason you wrote this is because its a 360 exclusive VS. one of the best ps3 exclusives. And judging from the trailer, the gameplay looks a whole lot different. Are there any futuristic elements in SC:C?? How about crazy robot boss battles??

And i'm not saying anything bad about SC:C, honestly it looks good and its pretty intriguing.

HHG, if you want me to take you seriously as a journalist then take some grammar classes and stop writing flaimbait!!!

RememberThe3573887d ago

-The question that really matters.

By the way, why even bring MGS into it? Don't think for a second that your being slick.

hulk_bash19873887d ago

Plain and simple people, some people enjoy the gameplay in MGS over Splinter Cell, and vice versa. Its all a matter of preference, lets not make this about console wars or which game is better.

meepmoopmeep3887d ago

i'm sending Old Snake over to grab your crotch HHG


cool you got to preview the game. i'll be picking it up when it ever releases.

but MGS > all others


deadreckoning6663887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

WOW...13 disagrees. His choice of words were poor, but WE ALL KNOW what he meant. The stealth mechanics look way smoother than that of Solid Snakes. Admit it, the best things Solid Snake ever did were during CUTSCENE with his CQC. Hell, Raiden impressed me more than Solid Snake in MGS4. Sam Fisher is 100x more cooler than Solid Snake is...OR SHALL i SAY, WAS. U guys can diss HHG all you want but his living his dream and doing what he loves..suck on dat!

umair_s513887d ago

Snake will grab hold Sam's nut sacks till he cries like a little girl.

Timesplitter143887d ago

HHG, you and your GOD DAMNED HEADNLINES can go get yourselves banned

legendkilla3887d ago

i really doubt this is even in the same league as MGS4.

shadow-sentinel3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Almost every time I see an HHG article, this video comes to mind...

-Mezzo-3887d ago

Ok HipHopGamer, in comment 1.1 you said you played Splinter Cell for some time, but what i am curious about is that how did you manage to realize that Sam Fisher is better then Solid Snake in such short period of Gameplay time it was not even (CUT-SCENES) which i know tells a lot about the character.

I know how you played the game,came home, went in the bathroom to take crap and all of a sudden this thought hit you, that this could a perfect flame-bait article which could get me a lot of hits.

If you ask me (THATS CHEAP)

blind-reaper3887d ago

who cares Metal Gear is about story, it is like comparing Mario Kart with Gran Turismo... both about racing cars different perspective.

evrfighter3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

should be fun for me when the people that take this seriously get here :D

btw HHG has only ever gotten 1 hit out of me since I've been here and that's because the title he used wasn't of extreme flamebait.

dgroundwater3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

^^ At Mezzo ^^ Funny, you say cut scenes tell more about a character than the game play. I think if you said that to Ubisoft they would tell you differently!

Just goes to show how different these games really are. Though for all intents and purposes; Sam Fisher will be easily more agile than snake ever will be. That's just how the game is.

All-33887d ago


This entire site survives mostly on --> flamebait.

Gsus... wake up!

Saaking3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

HHG I seriously doubt you're even a gamer. Sure, it's you're opinion, but that opinion is flawed. You know this will get you hits and that's why you do it, not because you actually believe it's true. MGS is one of the most acclaimed series of all time and you've got the nerve to tell us that SCC is better in gameplay? Sure, I'm going to buy SCC but it won't even come close to MGS. And I don't get blown away by "easy" games. The appeal of the MGS series is it's challenge, especially on higher difficulty.

-Mezzo-3887d ago

Well story within gameplay isn't established with Splinter Cell:Conviction it has been done many times before. and he said he was able to check out the gameplay which means he played not saw.

cyberwaffles3887d ago

no disrespect HHG, but you guys are too lenient on rating your games. you seem to think every game is amazing and i just don't buy that. splinter might've had better controls compared to MGS, MGS2, and MGS3; but i think MGS4's controls and gameplay are damn near perfect. now they just need to make the online better.

duplissi3887d ago

god! people need to stop this!!!!!!!!!!! its like halo vs killzone yes theyre both shooters, but completely different at the same time, and the same goes for splinter cell vs mgs. i have all splinter cells and metal gear solids and loved them both, but i never thought of comparing them cause they were sooooooo different and great in completely different ways. just stop!!! damnit

ultimolu3887d ago

Get the hell out of here hiphopgamer. NOBODY can outdo the legend that's Solid Snake.

bpac1234567893887d ago

HipHop I do watch your show and its entertaining. I'm all for what your trying to do and I wouldn't want to stop anyone from getting there shot in the lime light. But these kind of flaimbate articles aren't necessary.

Strikepackage Bravo3887d ago

all the other reviewers and game journalists will be thinking the same thing HHG just said. SCC will most likely be superior to MGS4 in many ways. BUT HHG is the only one with the balls to actually say it, and write about it. For this I give him much respect, you can always find articles that are on the cutting edge on his sight, not the same old dont say anything too negative about PS3, or too positive about 360 for fear of the PS3 fanboy backlash, wussy stories that most gaming sites pump out. No edge, nothing new or risky, just the same status quo, Microsoft is evil Sony is god propaganda. Im looking at you IGN.

Homicide3887d ago

Conviction does look way better than MGS4 in terms of gameplay. Shame about the delay.

xTruthx3887d ago

I have no comment, I just had to be part of this cus its just too good to pass.

JL3887d ago

Ok, I'm about to get flamed here, but.....personally, I've always enjoyed Splinter Cell more than Metal Gear. I've had quite a fun time with SC games in the past. However, MGS never drew me in. I played a lil bit (granted not much at all), but I used to watch my cousin play the games all the time. Just never drew me in. So I think personally, yes I would have more fun with Conviction (which DOES look awesome btw), than I would MGS4. I did play the demo for MGS4 though (just to give it one more try) and I don't see where the "easier" comment comes from. I never even played MGS games much and had no problem with playing it.

That being said (before I start losing bubbles for liking SC and never really caring about MGS lol), how in the world does HHG get away with this stuff? He is an absolutely atrocious writer. I mean we're talking borderline illiterate here. We really should demand more from our "media". Truly. Of course it only helps this poor excuse for a journalist when his buddies come out of the woodworks to approve anything and everything he writes.

gambare3887d ago

"hiphopgamer - 3 hours ago
1.1 -
listen you guys I know it's hard to beleive but after playing splinter cell conviction for the first time only in terms of gameplay i'm telling you guys are going to be blown away buy how easy and smoother it is over the major metal gear game"

Uh... no it's not, it's just a different gameplay from MGS, it's like saying "Gears of wars blows away Final Fantasy in terms of gameplay"


Noob3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Dude must of got a hold of some good sh!t this time. These games are two different genres now. It's not even strictly stealth anymore, it's just a glorified action game with a Bourne Conspiracy theme. MGS series contains classic gaemplay elements, Spinter Cell is confused, doesn't know what the hell it wants to be. This game would of been out already if it did.

IaMs123887d ago

I mean i honestly dont care, just as long as it is a good game and i am blown away by it. Now if MGS is the same, worse or better great! Just make this game good so we can have more good games out there.

Personally i never was into MGS. Ive tried the original it never stuck and then ive rented MGS2 and beat the first level and never went any farther. Its just not my cup of tea, and maybe Splinter Cell isnt either. Other Splinter Cell games didnt grab me too much yet either and im hoping this one will

3887d ago
GameGambits3887d ago Show
evrfighter3887d ago

lol @ zlatko's comment

in before deletion :D

table3887d ago

Wow zlatko, that was way over the top.

HHG is an ass though. He says these sorts of things with every new game that comes out just to get hits. There is no way in hell SC is going to beat MGS4 in gameplay. MGS4 perfected the stealth v run and gun combination. Looking forward to SC nonetheless.

LazyDevs3887d ago

It is hard for fanboys to admit there is some faults with their precious. And i for one do not have a single problem saying MGS 4 was average at best and the controls was just horrid (from the period i played of it). I disliked the game so much after the retarded monkey smoking a cig scene i just quit and played no farther. And do not get me started on multiplayer, i gameflyed it about 1 month ago to check it out. After deciding i was not a big fan of single player i would check out the multiplayer which was 2 hours and 47 mins later i finally was able to play my first game of multiplayer. Then i ejected it and sent it back that same day.

Daver3887d ago

thats because you could not shoot everything at the same time and then run and do that all over again
some people just cant appreciate good game.. i never been a fan of this serie but i must say that mgs4 was one of the best game i have ever played

On topic i cant comment on splinter cell conviction i never played it but the bar is very high if it is better than mgs...

lociefer3887d ago

u got 103 disagrees as im writing this and ur articles get thrown with tomatoes, dont u think theres something wrong with these so called articles ?

TresTrendu3887d ago

103 disagrees isn't much considering every PS3 fanboy on this site has 10 account's.

lociefer3887d ago

u actually think every ps3 fan login and logout 10 times to give hihop a disagree ? the guy dosent even need that, he's a natural, a disagree magnet if u will

gintoki7773887d ago

Solid Snake and Big Boss 10000000000x badass than sam fischer.

Anyways as a video game character I have alot more respect for solid snake than the other guy.
and of course conviction can be better than mgs4 it comes out 2 years after the damn game

va_bank3887d ago

Wow, just wow. It's 9:30 EST and I guess the mod is not at work yet. Way to get yourself banned over a HHG article. You got to stop plaing games - you take this way too seriously.

pixelsword3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Both will do well.

I like both series.

3887d ago
kingOVsticks3887d ago

Its honestly must be a miracle that your comment lasted a full four hours when you have the N word in full caps in it. I really don't understand how you can't type B!tch or d!ck but you can type the Nword in full Fckin caps! Either the mods are asleep or not enough people are reporting you offensive. Im thinking its the latter...

On topic
Is there reason why HHG or any other fanboy journalist can't hype one game without breaking down another game that's in the same genre? Why can't you just say "SCC is perhaps one of the best Stealth games I have ever played gameplay wise." That way we know that it is just your opinion and that we should really check this game out.Instead you upset all whole fanbase and sent fanboys from all sides into a frenzy. If you want respect from the 360,ps3,wii fans you have to be neutral. Why is that so hard?????? You can still gets hits without writing stupid flamebait articles. Think outside the box!

Nike3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"even though it’s my opinion I don’t like hiding behind question marks like most journalist cause they afraid of the possible backlash. I’m ready to deal with the hate because I know i can successfully defend my self and make logical sense and support it. so no it’s not a fact considering people may not agree with me but the fact is when you play this game and you do the moves and see how easier it is to pull off and how smoother it is too transition on things then you’ll understand what I’m talking about"

Big mistake. You want to have a battle of logic? So be it.

Hiding behind question marks isn't what journalists do to avoid backlash (maybe your sad stereotype arse but not real journalists). It's when they either want to generate discussion, or have a story on their hands but want the consumer to know they're skeptical about it. You, however, openly state unproven theories and utter bulls**t as facts and expect people to believe you. Sample this:

Tomonobu Itagaki (dev of Ninja Gaiden at Tecmo before being dismissed) is outdone by Ninja Blade


A dev being outdone by a game is like a doll outdoing a human, who then goes on to punch God. There are deeper meanings to a game becoming bigger than a developer but I doubt your college drop-out hide will ever be able to conceive, let alone, understand them.

You're "ready to deal with the hate"? Look at all the above comments. Not one single answer from you about any of them. It sounds to me like you just dumped this garbage on us all, and are now ignoring people's concerns in your quest for more drivel.

"It’s not a fact considering people may not agree with me". What the hell does this even mean? I could break my fingers and type better articles than you. They'd probably all read "qwerty" and still make more sense than that one line. Twit.

DaTruth3887d ago

As a guy who really hated MGS3; I was skeptical about part four. I loved 1 and 2, but part 3 was really bad for me. So I would say I'm not an MGS fanboy. But MGS4 was so good, that no ten minute playthrough of the game made by GOD, could possibly give you the impression that it is better than MGS4.

I didn't pre-own MGS4 and didn't go out and buy it until I read the first review, which was, MGS4 most amazing game EVER!(from a reputable site) And after reading everything he said I went out that day and grabbed it. MGS4 most amazing game EVER, is a setup for disappointment, and yet, the game managed to impress.

Everything just came together in that game, story, graphics, tech, level design, weapons(like 150) and this will go on and on if I don't stop now. And the nostalgia just destroyed all.

indysurfn3887d ago

Anyway my rating breakdown

1 Gameplay and the winner is: Splinter Cell.
2 Music And the winner is: MGS(just going on history of MGS)
3 Story line MGS (Even if it is confusing)
4 Graphics and the winner is obviously Splinter cell.
5 replay/net and the winner is splinter Cell.

And the overall winner is MGS----surprise! (I don't care about the
addictive online/net rating for these two games so I easily chose
awesome music of MGS over the superior graphics of splinter cell.
And you have awesome story line of MGS (to me I like detailed
stories). In short I just like the music and story too much!

SnprSlick3887d ago

I played all the way through MGS 4 without playing prior games, it felt like I was an outsider on an inside joke.

The good thing about Splinter Cell games is that the story is easy to follow and not full of 500 differnt plot twists that stop being interesting after the first 5.

iceman063885d ago

That was funny...never saw that before...*singing...We didn't start the flamewars....*

+ Show (48) more repliesLast reply 3885d ago
Nomad10013887d ago

This isn't news....this is just a fanboy rant. Some of you guys are sad.

Willio3887d ago

Tottaly agree. Just by only reading the excerpt by the self-promoting contributor, I found many faults with his run-on sentences.

"Sam Fisher isn't the same as the previous version gamers are use too. Sam Fisher is quicker, badder, and better and in terms of gameplay Sam Fisher beats Solid Snake in many ways making Splinter Cell Conviction the official rebirth to this
franchise in every way."

it's "used," not use.
it's "to," not too.
"badder" isn't even a real word. Even spell check finds that...
Using 2 "ands" in one run-on sentence? JUST USE A PERIOD and split the sentence.
Comma after "in terms of gameplay"

Call me picky but the only rebirth that is needed is your grammer skills. If you would love to be called as an established web-blogger, at least pass ENG101 before you type. This way, your readers might not be misled and actually pass the class.

JL3887d ago

His grammar is atrocious. His literacy is questionable. His writing, as a whole, is laughable at best. Yet he's considered a "journalist". Makes me sad really.

And how? Because anytime he posts something, he rallies up his buddies who swarm the site and quickly approve anything and everything that comes from there. Just a quick background check on some of the people the approved this will show you that.

mastiffchild3887d ago

Don't like to say this about anything but I thin this is just for the hits. MGS4 is inferior because SCC is easier to control somtimes? Is that what caused the fuss?

Firstly the controls in MGS4 were pretty tight and also don't forget that this is a game about OLD Snake who ISN'T as agile as he once was so to expect super agility would be silly and if implemented would, in fact, detract from the verisimilitude of MGS4 representing an aging man.

Secondly, MG games are nistorically a little complicared in control terms-they just aren't noob games and had they made it too newcomer friendly it would have lost much of what made the series great.

Fact is SCC is more similar, from what I've seen, this time round to U2 and I feel that may be the actual reason, ar an element in Ubi moving release to next year-to avoid any comparisons to ND's game.

Because of all these points and a HHG history of inflammatory articles I have to wonder just how much this was driven by a desire to press both sides fanboy buttons as he's ignored pretty much all the history which made both series so great in the first place and this makes the whole stroy seem very suspect, imo.

BTW-Zlatco, no need for that kind of outburst fella. You really ought to calm down-this is about GAMES after all so don't get so worked up!

Xi3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Honestly people, don't click the link, don't give him views, don't even bother replying to this article.

It's flamebait in it's worse form and HHG goes from playstation flamebait to 360 flamebait to garner hits and claim to be unbiased.

This should not be getting approved, it's worse then forum links and twitter posts.

egm_hiphopgamer3887d ago

stop hatin homey. first of all this article is to let people know that splinter cell is much better than before.

also people always made that sam fisher and solid snake comparison for the longest, now us as gamers can come together and comment and discuss the new sam fisher and the new solid snake because after you play splinter cell conviction like I recently have i'm telling you guys are going to be truly surprised by how different the game is from any other splinter cell.

it's truly amazing and as far as flamebait i don't believe in that crap. we should all be mature gamers and look at this article and tons of other articles that people may write up as a way to be more social and even within arguments.

at the end of the day we're all gamers so let's talk, what don't you agree with and also your talking too someone who played both games so read the article leave comments and let's talk god bless ya'll and stop all this flame bait talk and let's be mature gamers and talk about this it's that simple.

all this hate is getting wack. if you gonna hate then come up with something new to hate on or hate about.

Nitrowolf23887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

i think it would have been fine to only write how different the game is now rather then get MGS involved. Im not going to judge Conviction until i have played it.
i have nothing against you
you don't believe in flamebait in yet your create these article that promote them.

hulk_bash19873887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

If this is about informing people about how much Splinter Cell Conviction is better than its previous incarnations than why do you insist on making MGS apart of that distinction?

@Deadreckoning: I'm not complaining that MGS is in the article, im replying to his comment about this article being about how good this game is compared to the previous Splinter Cells but than goes on and put better than MGS gameplay-wise as a header. It doesn't make sense to me, maybe it does to you which in that case makes you an idiot.

vegnadragon3887d ago


You promote hate through those articles and yet ask not to be hated.

WaitStation 33887d ago

Its ok, MGS4 wins in "most convoluted story".

deadreckoning6663887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Okay 2 things that MGS is remembered for: STORY AND CHARACTERS

Watch the e3 trailer of Splinter CeLL: Conviction then post a vid of Solid Snake doing somethg more badass during GAMEPLAY. Thats right..u can't.

Why are people complaining that MGS is a part of this?? It's an article!
Are u guys REALLY that sensitive about MGS??? Look, as time goes on, stuff gets better. Conviction looks to be the evolution of the stealth genre. Solid Snakes story is OVER. GET-OV-ER-IT. Jesus Christ, theres a life after MGS4. Compared to Sam Fisher, Solid Snake moves like a tank and all of you know it. JUMP OFF THE STORY. We're only talking "STEALTH GAMEPLAY"

@Sarcasm- Why compare PS3 and 360? Why compare games to each other? EVERYONE COMPARES EVERYTHING. Its human nature. It's a way in which people can determine what they thk is better. I agree, HHG did it PARTLY for flamebait, but I thk people are more ticked off about the fact that a 360 only character is besting a beloved Sony mascot. Thats all this is. No person in the right mind can say, after seeing the Conviction trailer, that they've seen Solid Snake has more badass stealth than Sam IN-GAME. I don't care how good the story is, ITS JUST NOT TRUE.

Sarcasm3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Why do you have to make a comparison between Sam Fisher and Solid Snake? If you're sole reason was to prove that Splinter Cell was revamped is not what we remember, then you should compare the new Sam Fisher to the old.

Comparing Sam Fisher to Solid Snake is just pure flamebait. It's like Sonic VS Mario all over again. At least with them, people know they're their own character.

Cenobia3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

You should probably play at least one of the games being compared before you give an opinion. Most rational people would actually play both... You're judging games on VIDEO, and I get the distinct impression that you've never played MGS4. The gameplay in MGS4 was awesome.

I don't think I've ever played a game that was so complex but intuitive. I find it so much more satisfying when I pull off a complex CQC move that involves a series of button presses to make it feel like I'm actually doing it. Go and play MGS4 before whining about phantom complainers. Most people are annoyed that HHG brought up MGS at all, when really the old Splinter Cell could have been compared instead.

And your quote:
"...360 only character is besting a beloved Sony mascot."
360 only? LOL. How quickly everyone forgets.

tuglu_pati3887d ago


I see what your doing, i don't approve it but i know how it is, business is business. lol

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 3887d ago
facepalm3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

::slurps soda:: ^-^ Some good show this is going to be!!

thereapersson3887d ago

hahah, your user name sums up my feelings on this article perfectly

Sonyslave33887d ago

This is a bad comparison a movie vs a game lol of course Sam Fisher beat out Solid Snake in term of gameplay.

Tinted Eyes3887d ago

sure your not saying that because you love the 360?

oh and did you play conviction?

thereapersson3887d ago

Sonyslave is just trying to see how many disagrees he can get

Nitrowolf23887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

lol he says that now because he accepts the fact that mgs4 is not coming to 360
@thereapersson or how many bubbles he get taken away