1up: New Uncharted 2 Screenshots

1up posted three brand new screenshots today.


Oh if only they could make a new Crashbandicoot (a proper one) and a new Jak with the Uncharted 2 engine.

I really miss Crash and Jak, I feel like Crashbandicoot was never finished properly and the story was just left hanging.

meepmoopmeep5153d ago

on an Uncharted related note:

i have refrained from all things Uncharted 2 for a week already.

SnuggleBandit5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

I feel your pain...i really do

You certainly have a strong will man haha i've tried to refrain because i don't want to see too much but i just can't help myself

cmrbe5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Do give in to temptation.

Edit : lol! you did it with MGS4?. Man you have a very strong will. I cracked early with regards to MGS4.

meepmoopmeep5153d ago

yeah, it's rough

i did the same for MGS4

it's brutal... good thing i'm not emo

poopsack5153d ago

"good thing i'm not emo "

LOL that was beautiful

iamtehpwn5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

o_______O But Uncharted 2 is 720p.
Why did 1up upscale these?

Absolutely beautiful game though.
Day 1 purchase <3

raztad5153d ago

Those screen-shots are just upscaled. That is why some jaggies appear in the bigger one.

SaberEdge5153d ago

That's true, you won't see jaggies like that on your tv. I know I didn't see any like that on the first game, which was actually pretty smooth for the most part. All I know is I want this game bad.

ShinMaster5153d ago

Anyone else got that problem?

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Jerk1205153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )



Nitrowolf25153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Your comment a flop
and your in denial
so winning multiple awards before its even released makes it a flop?

krouse935153d ago


Your comment is pure Spam because you have not played this game and therefore are not one to judge the quality of this game which has yet to be released.

thereapersson5153d ago

All I read from Sleipnir's post was "Hurrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrp hurrf DERRRR"

cmrbe5153d ago

translator. Mart,murder anyone?

fuckoffodion5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

yea Murder and sack_boi are very good ones. If not, hire guitarded. The dude's retarded like your typical bot. Kewlkat007 knows the bot dialect.

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Bubble Buddy5153d ago

Please Naughty Dog, make another Jak : ). Until then, Uncharted 2 will have to do. Can't wait for the single-player segment mostly, though online is really fun.

mistajeff5153d ago

I was thinking about this yesterday, how Naughty Dog has stuck with one franchise per Playstation generation, and it made me sad to think there won't be a new Jak from ND. Then I thought, since this generation is already shaping up to be much longer than PS1 and 2, it seems entirely possible that ND would go back to the Jak franchise for a PS3 outing before diving into Uncharted 3. They know Jak has a big fanbase, it'd probably be a good move for them and for Sony. But I dunno.. cross your fingers i guess.

N4GAddict5153d ago

They had no choice for the developing Crash for Playstation 2 cause Crash was sold to another publisher.

cmrbe5153d ago

Either that or a new IP but a new IP will take alot of time and will be risky. I doubt ND staff will want to work on 3 Uncharted games in a row but then again they did it Jak.

I think ND knows that that majority of jak fans will upgrade soon when the PS3 is 299. It will be nice then for them and us as well to have a Jak in between with U3 later in the PS3 life when ND have truly mastered the PS3 and give us the GOW of this gen with U3.

beavis4play5153d ago

it's listed on gamestop for only 29.99! it's a definite buy for me.

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Saaking5153d ago

Sony was right, next-gen starts when THEY say so. Uncharted 2 GOTY 2009.

LordMarius5153d ago

I REALLY want this game NOW :'(

fuckoffodion5153d ago

me too.
I want it so bad!!!!!!

cmrbe5153d ago

I want this game yesterday.