Team Fortress 2 'Classless Update' - Day Three

The final day, Day Three, of the Team Fortress 2 'Classless Update' has arrived, bringing with it a community CP map and a CTF version of Sawmill.

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Pandamobile4060d ago

God damn. I got beaten by a blog.

RoboPot4060d ago

Hmm.. im not sure i approve of the fixed firing rate of pistols, have to check that out when i get home.
Also, the on-hit effects on disguised spies was usefull, but i dont mind that its removed if i am to play as spy.
The crit boost when capping sounds awesome though!
Sounds like i'll be playing TF2 all weekend :D
Hope you all will enjoy it also!

Pandamobile4060d ago

Not to mention the new animations when teams lose are fricking hilarious.

RoboPot4060d ago

Are there more than 1 animation per class? if not, it will probably just be fun the first 3-4-5 rounds.
BUT! nevertheless, awesome with new updates and new stuff in-game
I didnt get when these animations kick in!? "Post-win" is a term i have never heard! Is it the "G" emote or automatic? If automatic, does that mean you cant run around after loosing now?