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knox3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

wow at wii sports resort

edit - nvm now i remember nintendos release from the other day

Goomba123891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

ehh, already knew those figures due to Nintendo releasing the info.

3891d ago
fishd3891d ago

omg Here will be blood

mint royale3891d ago

But MS I guess will be happiest - only 50K off the wii. Can't wait to see what impact the slim and pricecuts have in the next few months. Sony really have needed a lift in sales for a hell of a long time and that time could be coming soon.

Time Lord3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )


StayHigh3891d ago

Lets see what happen when the PS3 slim comes out..The wii and 360 already dirt cheap so its not suprising its selling better..

raztad3891d ago

Dont let NPD numbers fool you. NA is NOT the world.

Something that pops up is Wii numbers, they are low and probably getting lower. x360 is OK, I guess. PS3 and PSP are low, probably associated with people expectation of new hardware and price cuts.

sofresh2003891d ago

Is the DS really that good? WTF

Bnet3433891d ago

I'm surprised how close the sales are of the Xbox 360 to the Wii. The DS numbers are insane. Pretty crappy list of games that sold though.

FinalomegaS3891d ago

to think they won't bundle it, well the sword fight with my gf is crazy. she hates to lose.


Monchichi0253891d ago

NPD day! My favorite time of the month!

soxfan20053891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

@stay high

When the PS3's price is dropped, regardless of how many consoles sell each month, 360 fans will simply reverse the line that PS3 fans love to use:

"I expected it to sell more than that"


If it's true that PS3 sales are low due to anticipation of upcoming price drops, that bodes well for MS, because 360 sales have not been affected by the hype. The price drop will help PS3, but will not hurt 360. If 200,000 people continue to buy 360's every month with the knowledge that a PS3 price drop is imminent, MS has nothing to worry about.

darthv723891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I am listing the June 09 as well as July 08 numbers for comparison.

System June09 / July09 / July08

Wii: 361.7k / 252.5k / 555k

DS/DSi: 766.5k / 538.9k / 608k

360: 240.6k / 202.9k / 205k

PSP: 163.5k / 122.8k / 222k

PS2: 152.7k / 108k / 155k

PS3: 164.7k / 121.8k / 225k

Now from what I can see, the PS3 had the best month in July of 08. Last month was better than this month but I would guess it is because they are pretty much sold out everywhere (more or less).

360's best month of the three was last month. Looking at July last year in comparison, it isnt far off now from then.

Wii has taken quite a dip from this time last year.

DS actually increased in June but this month is lower than same time last year.

If the rumors are true for sony, there should be a big turn around in the next couple of months.

Poopface the 2nd3890d ago

JUN 2009 included 5 weeks

JuLY 2009 only included 4 weeks

krauley3890d ago

for all those saying whoa poor sony their in 3rd they have to cut their prices to survive...da da da. well your looking at it all wrong.
PlayStation 2 108K x $100 = 10800000
PlayStation 3 121.8K x $400 = 48720000
PSP 122.8K x $170 = 20876000
total = 80396000

Xbox 360 202.9K x $300 = 60870000
total = 60870000

Wii 252.5K x $250 = 63050000
Nintendo DS 538.9K x $130 = 70057000
total = 133107000

cause it would appear as those they are still selling systems and still bringing in the cash. im not a sony fanboy cause i have all systems out but realistically sony not doing bad at all. i is btw all about the money isnt it?

n4f3890d ago

well i think you forgot to put the deficit
cause for each console you made, its not free to create it. specially ps3 with all the tech inside it.
the only one that made money since day one is nintendo cause they dont make deficit when making a console.

Danja3890d ago

Nintendo had another great month Wii sales are surprisngly low considering Wii resort just launched , M$ did well also I'm sure they're happy with these numbers. Sony did great but the PS3 numbers are low either the slim is really coming and reports of them not supplying retailers with ample supllies are true otherwise they need to cut the price and hurry and get a GT5 out and bundle it.

na2ru13890d ago

how clearly these sales reflect the quality of each console....¬_¬

Cold 20003890d ago

Wow the 360's the most expensive console (hey ! On N4G thats what they say ^^) and it still outsold the PS3.

Theres a 80 000 gap between the 360 and PS3...I was pretty sure a PS3 slim + pricecut would help it to outsell the 360 but now I think it will probably sell on par with 360 without really outselling it.

krauley3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

yes i understand that and by no means is console sales just the bottom line but really where i was going was that sony has more that just the ps3 just as nintendo has more that just the wii. people just look at ps3 vs 360 when there doing the fanboy march song comparions and theres more to it then ps3 sales for sony. like i said before, i have all the consoles (including my/my daughters HM psp) and the only thing in it for me are the games. Usually i avoid the conflicts or at least keep my mouth shut but then sometimes the stupidty of the arguements bring me out of lurking. i truely will never understand the attachment people have to a console over the actual video game hobby itself and truely believe some of you guys dont even ever play games but instead sit hear and fight over them. later

edit, this was not directed at you n4f.

TheReaper423890d ago

PlayStation 2 108K
PlayStation 3 121.8K
PSP 122.8K
Sony Family 351.8k
============================= =
Xbox 360 202.9K
Microsoft Family 202.9K
============================= =
Wii 252.5K
Nintendo DS 538.9K
Nintendo Family 891.4k

Seems like everyone's doing pretty well.

TheBlackSmoke3890d ago

Microsoft has year over year growth because it has year over year price cuts. This time last year was there a $199 360?... no didnt think so. Also i dont understand why people debate sonys overall success on NPD which is only giving numbers for the US. The reality is the 360 was at 7 million when the ps3 launched and now its still 7 million ahead meaning the PS3 has kept up with the 360 year over year.

Lets also not forget that this game called metal gear solid 4 came out last june and would be the reason the PS3 had such high sales in june/july last year... no wait.. thats to much common sence.

Oh and seriously we all know the 360 has like a 3-1 install base advantage in the US and its half the price of the PS3 so why is it every time NPD comes around fanboys have to act like the 360s dominance in the US is some kind of big shocking revelation and therefore a reason to talk about the uncertain future of the PS3.

USA IS NOT THE WORLD!! deal with it.

DelbertGrady3890d ago

Look at the spins from some of you people.

"If you add in MS Windows Vista sales that makes MS sales a total of..."


snp3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Not really a great time for anyone (in the US).

PS3 has dropped significantly - it's just too expensive as an entry point price in this economic climate, regardless of (theoretical) value. They need a price cut, and have for more than a year. The upside is there's still large brand awareness following the PS1/2 and a big bundle of folks who haven't moved on to anything yet this gen who 'might' be waiting on a realistic Playstation option/pricepoint - if they provide it in time.

Xbox360 has decent figures, but considering the price cuts i'm sure they would have anticipated larger sales - ideally moving them more towards PS2 type movements (lowest entry point option of all three). Might still happen, but hasn't happened thus far really.

Wii, like PS3, has dropped a bundle. Starting to look a bit worrying. The casual gimmick type sales hype appears to be waning. Upshot for them is their tech costs bugger all to produce, so, if they wanted to, they could cut the prices pretty significantly, which might make a difference (at least short term).

gaffyh3890d ago

Numbers are low all around really, decent numbers for Wii Sports Resort, but I don't see it selling like WiiFit in the long run.

ps3d03890d ago

I love how sony fanboy group all 3 of sony systems together to make it look like sony/the ps3 is doing better. if we are looking at every game system a company makes should every copy of windows be in these NPD numbers too ? After all you need windows to play "games for windows" the number windows sales make even the ds look retatd btw who makes windows ?

all this talk about wait till next month and the ps3 price cut comes. Do you people really not undersatnd the meaning of RUMOR ? If a price cut comes great (its about time) but sony has said they will not be cutting the price of the ps3 anytime soon so till it happens you should really take the RUMORS with a grain of salt. BTW this is not the 1st this RUMOR has gone around and it didnt every come real before. Also it was Heavy RUMORED that the 360 be releasing a 360 silm and that never happened either. Beside if the ps3 really did start out selling the 360. Ms could easily drop the price to 150 on the arcade 360 to swing things back in their favor.

TheBlackSmoke after the relase of the ps3 MS lead drop to around 5 million units. Today the 360 has a 9 million lead over the ps3 thats 2 million more the when the ps3 was 1st released and 4 millions more then there lowest lead they had. So the ps3 is not gain ground it is losing it its falling more and more behind the 360 every month. The USA may not be the world but this topic is about the world wide sales if you were smart enough to read you know that the article was about the NPD numer yes that mean the the good old us of a. However the only place in the world the ps3 is doin better then the 360 is in japan. So the 360 has the lead in about 99% of the world

snp3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I agree the price cut is a 'rumour', but let's face it two plus years without any price cuts - if one's to consider the PS3's 40/80 gig restructuring one even (arguably it's not) - is a long time in this industry. Especially long when it's in these market conditions (recession) and doubly so again when it's been almost two years since your direct competitor has cut their prices without you responding.

Some rumours have more clout than others. That Sony is bound to cut the PS3's price sooner or later - and likely sooner than later - is just common sense, even if there were no rumour (that they haven't already is to many eyes a touch of arrogance/stupidity). And that Sony would deny said price cut plans is also logical - naturally, they'll want to protect sales/profits on pre-price cut models till last possible moment.

Yes, Microsoft could fire back with another round of cuts - and probably will - but there's only so much 'cuts' can do at the bottom end. I'd wager it's less likely that Microsoft will have as big an uptake from a cut of $199-$150 for their entry level unit as they did from their original cuts down to $199 on the unit back in late 2007 (when, as you point out, they turned to things around from going backwards at near to par 360 v PS3 pricing).

There's barriers into gaming. $299 is psychologically and fiscally a big drop from $399/499 (actually moves a product into a different category), whereas $199 down to $149 really only effects the reluctant very budget end of the market - and with HD games at $60 a pop, how interested these extreme budget customers would be is questionable.

ps3d03889d ago

snp I agree its highly likely that it is true but like I said the rumor for a ps3 price cut has been going around for ages and still no price cut. However if you look at all the fact it might not be in sony's best interest to cut the price right now. You need to take in to account that the sales of the ps3 at 600 dollars where so poor that sony was forced to make to price cut in less then a year of 100 dollars each. No system in the history of gaming has ever had a price cut with it 1st year so to have 2 of them is just mind blowing. and this while its was still costing sony over 800 dollars to make a ps3. They lost insane amount of money. They are still losing money on ps3 sales still this why they have not had a price cut in so long. If a silm comes out and sony stay with the same price it is likely this will be the 1st in the ps3 life that sony will be making a profit off it. Maybe if the cost of making a silm is low enough they might be able to make a profit and sale it at 299 but I doubt it. So you still think that price cut is a sure thing ?

Also I dont think either way this will have the effect ps3 fanboys are hoping. when x mas comes around and mom and dad got to buy lil jimmy a new game system they are goint to see 199 vs 299. They will see both system let you play guitar hero and harry potter and almost any other game they heard lil jimmy talking about. They might look and the ps3 box and see sockboy and uncharted they will have no clues as to what they are. On the other hand when they pick up the 360 they will likely know what Halo is. If they know a ton about games they might even know what gears is but lets not count on that one. Point is to must parents they are goin 2 systems that do the same thing (as far as they know) ones 199 and the other is 299. What one do you think lil jimmy is going to get for x mas ?

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Saaking3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Pretty good. Damn, the Wii is ruling in software sales. Well, it's feeding time bots.

fuckoffodion3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

yea, especially for Sack_boi.

and the dude below. pathetic.

Bots are in heat. Saw this on Discovery one time.

LordMarius3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

bots hold out your plate
MS can only put sales on it
sorry no games

Saaking3891d ago

Ahh, poor bots, soon MS won't be able to put sales on their plates

Guitarded3891d ago

"This is what it sounds like when the Droids cry"

solar3891d ago

its the same every month. both in sales and in spin. weeeee!!

poopface13890d ago

hahahahahaha. soon it will be 360s for 200 and 300 and sony will start loosing more money on the ps3 with the pricedrop.

SORRY but ps3rd is barley staying afloat. you guys should jump in with your buckets and start bailing out the sinking sony ship.

CRY CRY CRY, PS3rd makes you all sooooo sad. now wonder you all lie taht you dont care about sales. lol, cause they are bad. better luck next year of the PS3rd.

Anon19743890d ago

I mean, come on! Who in their right mind would pay more for a Wii? Hard drive or not, I'd rather own a 360 any day of the week then spend more for a Wii...and I bought a Wii at launch. Took me a year of not playing the damn thing before I gave up and sold it to a co-worker who wanted to buy it for his wife.

And judging by game sales, there's a lot of dusty Wii's out there. Or, just for kicks, check out Wii's for sale on kijjiji. I know in my city there's plenty of Wii's out there for well below new prices with quotes like "Owned by 52 year old woman..never used," and "Haven't touched in months. Bought a new system. Best offer." Check it out sometime, just for a laugh.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3890d ago

Poor droids, head held in shame while the PS3 is still dead last

da720izcumin3890d ago

how can u twist this?
playstation is dead last...
what now? supporting the wii cause ps3 couldn't compete?

AngryTypingGuy3890d ago

It boggles my mind how many people buy the Wii. Sheep.

I think one of the consoles is feeling left out because it didn't make the 200K club for this month. :-(

3890d ago
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Saaking3891d ago

That's a lot of sales for the wii. I'm sure Nintendo is really glad they went with the casuals

Goomba123891d ago

Remember though the Wii is failing....

mint royale3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

The wii has failed many times over if the deluded amongst us would be believed. If they haven't accepted that it is the new market leader by now then they never will throughout this generation when it continues to be marketleader.

However having said that it is losing marketshare atm. I'm sure Nintendo loves having the record for having the oldest console ever to not yet have a price cut but if it wants to return to the crushing domination it had in sales then a cut is needed!

Guitardr853891d ago

The Wii has already failed from day one in my book...unless you're 5 years old, lol!

mint royale3891d ago

Haha so which TOY do you prefer? Your xbox or playstation?

RememberThe3573891d ago

Their balance sheet says different. lol

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Saaking3891d ago

A lot better than last month. I never thought I'd see the Wii so low, guess it's time for a new color :)

360RRODFIX3891d ago

PS3 only one game in top 10....

Saaking3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Yeah, 360 can't outsell the wii even though it's cheaper. Ridiculous

EDIT: If Sony needs to drop support then so does MS. Only 2 games in the top 10 and it still hasn't outsold the PS3 by a lot even though it's half the price.

EDIT: I've personally never said the 360 is more expensive. The 360 is $199 and the Wii is $249 yet the wii still outsells the 360.

360RRODFIX3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I think it is time for sony to abandon PS3, stop production of that massive flop and release great games that sony has on 360 and PC. Enough is enough, battle and war have been lost....this is embarrassing.

GiantEnemyCrab3891d ago


Wait, so now the 360 is cheaper than the Wii? I thought it was more expensive than the PS3?

I love how this argument changes whenever it fits the argument.


Tinted Eyes3891d ago

the 360 is 200

the wii is 250

360 cost more in a long run

how is that hypocritical?

fuckoffodion3891d ago

yet crabs never go after bots who say stupids things. But he calls the other side hypocrites. Wow.

LordMarius3891d ago

Once a Fanboy, Always a Fanboy

GiantEnemyCrab3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

The argument:

PS3 vs 360 which to buy: Buy a PS3, it's cheaper than the 360 when you add in all this extra stuff that not everyone needs but it fits my argument.

PS3 vs 360 Sales: Of course the 360 beat the PS3 it is cheaper than the Wii.

I can draw you a picture if you like.

Booyah: Correcting everyone on this site would be a full time job no thanks. Do you think this place is lacking in Sony cheerleaders? I've given my support to Sony and bought the system, buy DLC and buy games so excuse me when I say STFU about the fanboy stuff. I put my money where my mouth is. How about you and this Marius dude? If you want me to sit here and blow Sony like so many do forget it!

fuckoffodion3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

oh so instead you blow MS. I know you have both systems. I didn't call you a liar. However, the people you call hypocrite are done by the same people on the other side.

EDIT: That's fine, I didn't say you did. I know you prefer the 360 and I don't anything wrong with that. Anyway, sorry for thinking you're a hypo.

GiantEnemyCrab3891d ago

I call out these hypocrites but I never said 360 fanboys can't be hypocrites as well.

It's funny because just yesterday some one calls me a droid because I bad mouth MS now today I'm blowing MS. I do prefer the 360 and chose to correct attacks on that system more but that does not mean I automatically hate the PS3.

ElementX3891d ago

People still buy the Wii for the novelty

ArcticWolfUK3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

doubt an xbox is powerful enough to sony's games

Ace Killa 083890d ago

power really has nothing to do with anything, the wii for example is much weaker in graphics compare to PS3 and 360, but why is it still the most selling console? cuz in return for power nintendo gave the people an interactive game. now xbox 360 is doing the opposite the console is powerful, not as much as the ps3, and gave up interaction, BUT this is going to change when natal comes.

now really the console can be powerful and you can have one game that seems great, but one game is not enough to save a console.

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