7 PS2 series that need to be on the PS3

With the prevalence of new series on the Playstation 3 such as LittleBigPlanet, some of the old series which defined the Playstation 2 have been ignored and merely placed on the shelf. Video game and technology site presents a list of the 7 most deserving and interesting series which should be developed for the Playstation 3.

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Arsenic134124d ago

As soon as I saw the first 2 games i closed the article. I guess no one told these guys about The Last Guardian.

raztad4124d ago

You save me a click. Thanks

Lucreto4124d ago

I want Suikoden. I miss the series. I just hope it is on PS3 as least.

ColossiSlayer4124d ago

Any Questions?

dirthurts4124d ago

Twisted Metal

But great list non the less.

Sarcasm4124d ago

Legacy of Kain with the soul reaver or with Kain himself?

I'd like to see both.

cmrbe4124d ago

that should and they will. Its at least ten years cycle for the PS3. You can bet your bottom you will see most of them before the PS3 is put to rest in another 8 years or more.

Again, its a marathon, not a sprint. Sony will always have the edge when it comes to franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.